31 May 2010

Dutch Lady World Milk Day 2010 | Pavilion + Amber Chia

So today (30th May 2010) is Dutch Lady Malaysia World Milk Day and there was an event organized at Pavilion this morning.

Dutch Lady Malaysia managing director Bas van den Berg said the task of promoting the importance of one of the purest nutritional sources from nature is a continuous challenge.

The non-retail limited edition milk packs are designs by PJ College of Art and Design students Amelia Ong Bee Leng and Ten Ming Khang which were chosen in a contest hosted by Dutch Lady Malaysia. They were awarded RM1,500 each for their winning designs.

Dutch Lady Malaysia is also inviting 2,500 Malaysians to Pavilion KL for a first ever Malaysian Book of Records attempt for “Most Number of People Drinking Milk at the Same Time” on May 30.

The attempt will be televised on TV3, followed by an exciting line-up of activities and performances by local artistes like Reshmonu. Registration for the attempt will be open at 10am.[It has been open earlier since the crowd start appearing at Pavilion, and run off so quick until no more goodie bag to be given out]

A contest will also run nationwide from May 8 to July 2 with prizes worth more than RM1 million waiting to be won.

A grand prize of a double storey terrace house with home decor package in Setia Alam worth RM750,000 as well as a Honda CRV and a Perodua Alza are just some great prizes up for grabs.

On June 1, Dutch Lady Malaysia will continue its celebrations by distributing free milk packs at selected toll plazas in Peninsular Malaysia and high traffic areas in the Klang Valley and Kuching.

Throughout the contest, eight weekly winners will also be chosen to win RM5,000 each.

Referred from Sun2Surf


So I was there as early as 9.30AM today, the crowd already piling/queuing up there since 7.30AM. I guess mainly participants are students from different school. Happy that a girl among the crowd say hi to my camera =D

You need to register yourself to get a goodie bag. Which includes a World Milk Day T-Shirt, 2 pack of limited design milk, RM10 McD Gift Voucher (Maybe it is because Sundae cone is made of milk) and a bottle of mineral water. These goodie bag run out really fast because people came to Pavilion so early. Try imagine the scene when 2500 people want to register their name AT THE SAME TIME, it would be very crazy right? That's why the registration start before 10AM.

I got the number 2587 with a goodie bag at 9.30 AM something. This is how the T-Shirt looks like. *I like white T-Shirt because it is really cooling* Too bad to other people(including some of my friends) who came for this event but couldn't get a goodie bag and be part of it. However luckily they will still able to get free milk la =)

Saw the kids distributing free milk at varies location. Thanks to the school students.

Bumped into Michelle and HuaiBin while waiting for Tallboyz and Rames. Saw RedMummy, Budies and NicoleKiss later too, it seems like they have job to do =)
*Like the way Michelle's hair looks in this pict, thx to the wind*

So we camwhore abit

And a bit

Result of camwhore drink milk will make you taller instantly

Saw a kinda pretty VIP at the left. The emcee said Amber Chia was there too, but wasn't able to spot her.

The emcee - _________ [Please fill in the blank]
He is the guy who sing the advertisement song 24 hours for McD. Oh wait! That's why everyone get the McD gift voucher?

Spotted other Malaysia local celebrity too. My FM Royce, Era FM Dina, Pop Shuvit( if not wrong) and other Radio station's DJ too. The emcee mis-announced Dina as MyFM DJ. Woot, didnt know she can speak Chinese? *Like their expression, hahaha!*

There are young Milk Day Crews who will serve you buying Dutch Lady Milk at cheaper price. 1 carton for RM13. Cheap enough?

The crowd is still lining up but I am not sure what are they queuing for. Since it is getting hotter, we(Tallboyz + Rames + me) went to have breakfast instead of staying there.

Breakfast at Old Town Pavilion, with two D90 buddy. Woot~!

Then we hang out in the Pavilion and saw the epic scene where Amber Chia was helping distributing the milk to everyone. See the hand and crowds, omg...

Luckily Amber Chia stay on the Dutch Lady Milk lorry to make sure her baby is safe. Yeap, she is pregnant~! Congratz~! Somebody please advice her to eat more for her baby ar, she can get slim back easily one.


A tips for you all: Drink milk might make you look fairer~! But I heard if bath with milk the effects would be more obvious. So I hope you guys manage to get tons of free milk (White one, not chocolate ar) and have a great milk bath!

Then you can be as fair as me!! Hahaha.
*Taken during Phuket Trip by Xeroz and to be honest I am fair since I was born*

Disclaimer: This is not an advertorial and I just wanna share something happen in Malaysia. Too bad didn't manage to snap photo with Amber Chia.

However look at the brightside, happy to hang out with Tallboyz and Rames. After today I will only park my car beside Pavilion instead of the expensive car park in Pavilion~! Thank you guys =D

29 May 2010

Zee Avi @ Rumah Kids Perform Live [Video]

Okay here is a short post since I am going out soon. Instead of not sharing at all here is something to share =) Zee Avi is a great singer with big loving heart too. Happy that she is able to attend this charity event at Rumah Kids.

We were at Rumah Kids to measure their size of Croc shoes. Crocs, DiGi and Universal Music taking part in this charity event too.

Zee Avi distributing free gift to one of the kids at Rumah Kids

Zee Avi with Crocs =)

Last but not least, here is a video of Zee Avi perform live ~!

Zee Avi perform "Just you and me" live @ Rumah Kids.

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Till then ciao~

PJ Laugh Festival(PJLA): Caught in the Middle Part IV

First of all thanks Timothy Tiah and Audreey Ooi for giving out ticket of PJLA: Caught In the Middle Part IV and we get to watch together with them. This show featuring Mano Maniam, Sandra Sodhy, Zaibo, Chew Kin Wah and director Thor Kah Hoong. Do you know laughing is actually a very good way/channel to release stress that piled up from work?

All in all, this show is really "So funny can die one" XD

The air is so cool and fresh after the rain =D

Visited Kissaten (Jaya One) for dinner along with Wern and Simon Seow. Will write another post which mainly picture about food.

They use bight light bulb as decoration and lighting. Looks alike with Alexis Kitchen Bar!

Each ticket worth RM70 but this time it is free from Tim and Aud =) Thanks again~

We were a bit late and missed out the group photo session. Hmm I like take couple's photo =)
*sorry for blur image*

Since I heard "no photography are allowed" and "no flash photography" from two different people. But something that can make us happy should be shared! So I choose to belief the later one but still curi curi snap photo la. So here are the two photo which barely survived.

One of these guys is very funny. Let see how Mano Maniam use the silent trick to get seat for his "wife". Haha! I can say it is dirty but working trick.

This is the scene that I burst out laughing and we get to have a 20 minutes intermission. However, the blur fellas (me and Wern) went back home instead of staying back because I missed the word "intermission", so I thought why PJLA so fast end one?! It is only 10 something! Fml...I guess partially because I don't understand what "intermission" mean. Yeap, my vocab library just included this word. But still I am proud that people told me I get better in writing English ever since I start blogging 2 years ago =D

I wish me and Wern, the two blur fella able to made SimonSeow laugh *gao gao* besides continue having big laugh at PJLA second session.

To train my creativity, here is what I imagine Audrey was telling: "Wombeh, I am sleepy because of jetlag ar Z.z"

With the clue of the full moon, use your imagination and guess what Timothy would say next. Remember it is a full moon! Please comment down here =D

PS: Thanks again to Tim and Aud for the ticket! If you want to have a laugh, get the ticket asap from PJLA as it is going to end soon on 30th May 2010.

28 May 2010

Nudity on magazine cover, how Malaysia censor it?

Ever like to see pretty sexy celebrity on the cover of a magazine? Some who even nude for it? I am not talking about Playboy magazine la =)

Here is an example of how a female model/celebrity can be nude on a magazine without needs to censor any part of it.

Rihanna naked for GQ Magazine cover

Yesterday I visited a magazine shop to find new issue of Men's Magazine (Men's Uno, Men's Health ++) and saw a magazine cover that have two shirtless model on it. The focus point would be on the lady as she doesn't cover it up using her hand or arm. She just "contribute"/"showhand" her naked part for the magazine.

However, since Malaysia is not a so "open" country. This is what the magazine shop did to cover up her nudity.

Two blank price tag for each of her breast. I guess that means her boobs are priceless! Haha!

Now I wonder if there would be reader buying this magazine and remove the price tag just to see what is hiding behind. I hope that Malaysia didn't apply double protection as he might found the "pink button" @ nipple has been colored black using a marker pen. That would be so know la, a person with fully black nipples looks.....[Please feel in the blanks!]

27 May 2010

Sweet Potato Leaf Soup 番薯叶 枸橘子 菜汤

Sweet Potato Leaf Soup with WolfBerry

Since I've quit my 9-5 job I am now with a tighter pocket and that's why gotta save more money. This is one of the reason I start learning to cook by myself. Initially all I know to cook are Maggy Mee and spaghetti only because all flavouring, ingredient and sauces are prepared. But now I would like to try more and it start with vege soup. My sister said Sweet Potato Leaves (番薯叶) is one of the vegetables that can detoxify your body and maybe can cure my pimples too. It does have lots more benefits by eating this vege! So I tried it out with these ingredient:

1 packet of Sweet Potato Leaves
1 spoonful of WolfBerry (枸橘子) - which is good for eyesight
A pinch of salt

I like clear soup instead of one with so much oil. That's why my soup in the above picture looks really clear.

Here's some tips on preparing this soup. Sweet potato leave doesn't have thick leaves, so you just need to cook it for a short period of time with boiling water. Before that, remember to rinse your vege thoroughly because there might have lot of earthworms inside especially when you buy from an organic shop. There are lots of soil too.

As for WolfBerry, it is easy to add in any recipe or dishes that you want to cook. Porridge is the easiest one.

Opinion about my self handmade soup:
Since I have no experience about putting what flavoring is good and the exact amount. I just put a bit of salt and the soup ends up purely-sweet-potato-leaf taste. Luckily I have wolfberry inside which tasted a bit sweet to cover the plain taste.

Here is a sharing about my simple and plain cooking. I think next time I should try to fry the vege with oyster sauce? =D

Just wanna share about two YouTube musician here: Janice and Sonia - JS

Found out that they have lovely voice and sweet look too =) Enjoy their song, a different version of Nobody by Wonder Girls!

JS - Nobody - Wondergirls (cover)

Selepas Tsunami 8 March(After Tsunami) - Pusat Komas

The 12th General Election did not only result in the change of government in four states or the lost of Barisan Nasional two-thirds majority in Parliament. It brought along many practices never seen before in the governmant system. In Selangor, a body under the state assembly was formed to monitor the use of public funds.

In the federal Parliament the increasing presence of opposition representatives has resulted in more serious debates. Today, UMNO and Barisan Nasional has started speaking the language of change. However, the real reform process is not as easy as voting on polling day.

This documentary discusses the meaning behind those promised changes. Info on KOMAS -

A Big Pictures production for Pusat KOMAS.
36 mins.
Director: Anna Har
Producer: Brenda Danker
Executive Producer: Jerald Joseph
Editor: Chi Too

Pilihan Raya umum ke-12 bukan setakat melibatkan perubahan empat kerajaan negeri atau kehilangan kuasa dua pertiga Barisan Nasional di Parlimen. Ia membawa kepada pelbagai amalan yang tidak wujud dan namkapasing sebelum inin dapat dirasakan oleh rakyat buat julung kalinya. Di negeri Selangor satu badan di bawah Dewan Negeri ditubuhkan untuk memantau perbelanjaan dana awam.

Di peringkat Persekutuan , Parlimen kini nampak lebih serius dengan kehadiran wakil pembangkang. Hari ini, Barisan Nasional yang keras kepala sebelum 8 Mac lalu, juga sudah mula bertutur dalam bahasa prubahan. Bagaimanapun, perubahan yang sebenar bukanlah semudah membuang undi pada pilihan raya.

Selepas Tsunami is also available in Mandarin, Tamil, and Iban language.
Please contact Pusat KOMAS +603-7968 5415 to purchase the DVDs. Email:

Reffered from PUSAT KOMAS's Vimeo Channel

26 May 2010

Crocs Shoes Charity @ Rumah Kids

One great Sunday me and a few other bloggers visited Persatuan Rumah Kanak-Kanak Ini Disayangi (RUMAH KIDS) along with CROCS Malaysia for a little charity.

This home, as the name implies, is a home where orphans and children who are abandoned, abused and neglected are given shelter, love and care.

Started in 1991, this home has housed and fed many children whose early childhood have been scarred by traumatic experiences. Many do not know what love is, until they are cared for and live in a "family setting" with "brothers and sisters" and house parents.

Rumah KIDS is a registered society with Registrar Of Societies in Selangor and operated under the approved license of Government Welfare Care Act.

Cash donations made payable to PERSATUAN RUMAH KIDS are tax exempted.

CROCS Malaysia is generous enough to donate Crocs Shoes for each and every children+ youngsters in Rumah Kids.

Tons of different design and colours Crocs shoes were brought to there for them to choose their own favourite.

Were there to help them find the suitable shoes size, model and colour =)

Which Crocs do you like?

Joanne is the Crocs girl responsible to record all their choices

After finish helping them decide which shoes they want. We all hanging around with the kids and start having fun together.

They don't usually see people taking photo of them =)

So I took for them as long they requested =)

These two girls are best friend =)

My first picture with one of the children. Like her smile =)

Then the other two kids who wanna take photo with me

Simon - The only kid's name that I can remember as he is the naughtiest kid among others. But still cute la.

Kids like to take photo with Joanne too

Some slow motion high-five makes them happy

Some of the children challenge us by asking question with jokes. I can say they know lots of joke and riddle.

For example, "There is a car with a guy inside who met a car crash. Everything gone but something never die. Guest what is it." (answer at the end of the post)

The kids here always have fun together as a family

Some of them requested individual photo and ask if I can print it out.

As a small contribution for the kids and children, I have print out an album for them. Hope they likes it!

These are some ways you can partner with Persatuan Rumah K.I.D.S to offer helps and care for the children:
  • By giving cash donations. Please make cheque payable to Persatuan RUMAH K.I.D.S. (Cash donations are entitled for TAX EXEMPTION)
  • By giving donations in kinds, such as foodstuff, household items, clothing, stationeries, toiletries, etc.
  • By providing a meal, such as luncheon dinner.
  • By giving free tuition for the children.
  • By volunteering your service to do painting or cleaning the premises.

Sponsor a Child

You can sponsor a child at Rumah K.I.D.S with a monthly gift of RM50, RM100, RM150, RM200 or more.

Rumah Kid's Contact Information:
Contact Person: Roy Tan (Hp: 012-661 0650) ; Anbu (Hp: 016-341 7070)
Mailing Address: 7, Jalan Durian, Off Jalan Dato Dollah, 41100 Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.
Tel/Fax: 603-33733400

For more information on how to help the kids, please check out

Looks like that kid like Christ's round belly very much XD

Wish all the kids will enjoy travel along with their new Crocs Shoes! Thanks Crocs for the invite as this is definitely something good to share! =)

The answer for the above question: Roadtax never die

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