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Shout! Awards Roadshow @ One Utama (1U)

This is a great Sunday as I can sleep late till 11 AM :)
Was suppose to wake up on 9AM but it is Sunday wei!

As usual, check mail, wash clothes, have my lunch, and get ready up to go One Utama
Yeap, last day to redeem the tickets for SHOUT! AWARDS.

I arrived late and thought that I would miss out Caprice's Show but I didn't ^@^
Nadia and Hunny from FlyFM as the emcee

A group photo with Caprice and his friends
I first met Caprice and his friends @ Hennessy Artistry Event (Heritage Row)
Like his music and the new hits ;p

Never thought of having the chance to listen to this song LIVE
One of my favourite song too.

He is a new face for me - Joe Flizzow
A picture of him SHOUT!

In the between Hunny and Nadia were giving out goodies bag
I think my "thick face" level still not high enough as I not dare to go out tell the answer when I am not sure about it.
Nvm, I will try harder next time!

Okay after the show, I manage to redeem 4 more tickets for the SHOUT! AWARDS after Caprice's kind friend gave me three. Means total 7 tickets with me XD

Here is the performance of Caprice at the RoadShow!

It is on 17th July 2009, Friday (6PM)
Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil Sri Petaling 57700 Kuala Lumpur.
So for those who not manage to get the tickets can get from me.

Please vote for Caprice for the Flava Awards [Hip-Hop/R&B Awards]


Please vote for Marion Caunter for the [Hot Chick Award] too~! ^@^

Went to MidValley to get some stuffSaw the Machines (Mac + iPod Discovery Week) and this music band
QINGS & KUEENS (what a nice name!)
Have played and sing well!

What did I want to redeem?
While waiting for the salesgirl serving the customer, I took a photo of myself at
Good Skin Kiosk

This is the thing I want to redeem for FREE :)
Won this from men's Uno magazine and it does arrive at the right time to cure my tiring eyes ^@^"

Let see if it works after 2 months++ time :)

Playing too much Barn Buddy @ Facebook
Kinda make me wanna have some plant by myself.
These are the young carrots and it does appear as the same in Barn Buddy.

Hope I manage to plant out some carrots to eat.

[Still getting idea for DiGi's Speak Out Contest. (Brainstorming)]

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)