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The Last Day of This Greedy Creature

Due to the Wireless Broadband instability I decided to make a short post today.
I wonder when will the wireless connection in Malaysia will able to reach the right standard.

Last night while I was sleeping, suddenly wake up by some kind of noise.
I wonder if it is someone sawing the steel window as that is what I heard few days ago.

It was 5AM++ and finally figured out it is actually sound created by this little creature.
The cockroach that still haven't reach 18 years old which dropped into the beer can and cannot move out from it.
Can you see the creature inside the tin?
Yes it is the greedy-alcohol-newbie that made itself fall into the trap.

The cockroach can't climb out from the tin and keep using its leg crawling on the slippery wall. That's how the sounds made.

So what did I do to make it stop making sounds?
I won't release the cockroach as I hate it as a pest.
What is with me is the hand sanitizer which contain alcohol.
So I just put in some into the beer tin and in just about 10 seconds you hear the struggling sounds and suddenly it stopped.

I guess I just found the second function of the hand sanitizer
Kill cockroach

*Pray for a while and hope it reborn to become a better insect*

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