#2 Wonderful Market (Preview)

Today whole day at TimeSquare for the 2nd Wonderful Market
Met some old face and new face, get to see more arts and know more friends
One word, Wonderful!
If you don't know how it looks like check it out here
>The first Wonderful Market @ Time Square<

This time DearBear3 got bring a table lamp.
Cupcake under the spot light! Yeah ;p

These are the handmade stuffs from one of the stall that I like

People say I looks like my DearBear3
Which part do we look alike?

I wonder if my dearest blog reader prefer more words or more photo?
Do you prefer all photo in one post or divided to several different post?
Any advice for my blog layout? :)

Z.z....I better sleep now as I keep yawning now...
Goodnight all~


Francene said…
I like it the way it is now =)
Blur Pei said…
hey, nice to meet u there!!

well, frankly, i like it somehow photos and descriptions together. I prefer not much words. If sometimes words for the whole post is ok too. Is only depending on the reader if they are free to read or not. And your blog is a little messy due to the ads.

But i still read ur blog. ^^
MsXeRoZ Nicole said…
i agree with joanne..

since you dont have time to do so many post, i guess one post with everything inside should be enough for u..

Otherwise we, as your fans have to wait for monthssss then only able to read your post.. ahahaa
TianChad田七 said…

Yeah! Too bad I was away when you are back and didn't manage to take photo together ... ;p

Haha I will try decrease the ads for sure. Which ads annoyed you the most? please help me to choose ^@^"

I guess so.
All in one post sometimes really can't made in one day ;p
Maybe be I should write less detailed and let the photo do the taking.

Now I understand bloggers that took months to blog about today event ^@^"

Thanks for the advice my beloved readerS~
Blur Pei said…
ya, too bad..ahhh..

oh ya, esp the ads btw 2 posts.sometimes when i look tro, i tot tat is ur photos too...lolz..i m mata sepet.

the rest is still acceptable. ^^
Agnes Sim said…
haha..suddenly saw ur blog here. y dun have my stall photo here? :p
TianChad田七 said…
Haha means the ads btw post do attract your attention but the most annoying ar ;p
Maybe next time when you saw it can kindly press at is as support ;p

[Agnes Sim]
This is just a preview my lady :)
Stay tuned~!
Blur Pei said…
wahaha..ya, i sometime do accidentally click it. u memang...clever to put ads over there and 'attrack' ppl like me >.<"

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