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#2 Wonderful Market (Preview)

Today whole day at TimeSquare for the 2nd Wonderful Market
Met some old face and new face, get to see more arts and know more friends
One word, Wonderful!
If you don't know how it looks like check it out here
>The first Wonderful Market @ Time Square<

This time DearBear3 got bring a table lamp.
Cupcake under the spot light! Yeah ;p

These are the handmade stuffs from one of the stall that I like

People say I looks like my DearBear3
Which part do we look alike?

I wonder if my dearest blog reader prefer more words or more photo?
Do you prefer all photo in one post or divided to several different post?
Any advice for my blog layout? :)

Z.z....I better sleep now as I keep yawning now...
Goodnight all~

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)