Have you sign-up Malaysia NightRun '09?

Since I like to try new thing, this is one of the new stuff I will try.
July 25th has been marked up for this Malaysia Men'sHealth NightRun '09
I feel that this is special because first time run at night ;p
Without the hot weather it will be a lot better!!

I prefer the Fun Run (5KM) as I am sure my stamina can't go for tougher run yet.
Below is the route that people will go through

For only RM30 you can have a goodie bag which worth over RM300 :)

Below are the sponsors :)
Is it for guys only? No!
Girls also welcome to have a run!
If you are interested please register @ Shape(Girl) or Men's Health(Guy)

To prevent any hassle, it is better to pay the fees online through www.hooha.asia
With only extra RM4 you will save your petrol fees and time to collect your shirts and goodies bag :)

Who will I able to meet? :) Could it be you?


EVo said…
AISEH. this sounds like fun. i would've joined it if not for my paintball training on that day cos later sure pancit one....share goodies when u come back ok xD
TianChad田七 said…
Haha saw you climb the mountain I am sure your stamina very strong one. Come come join la then you also can have your goodie bag
Francene said…
Looks interesting...
U know, I think I should consider going for it...
but I think <1km run is enough to make me collapse~
If only, it was a walk~ah~
TianChad田七 said…
Haha see you in next lane!

So you still haven't decide want to go or not ar? ;p
Come come join fun run. I also haven't try before to run 5KM.
I think a lot ppl walk instead of run ~
Francene said…
Well..it's kinda far, Putrajaya...since it's until midnight, can't take public transport there. Drive = prepare to get lost...haha.

and 5km run..@.@ if 5km walk sure ok :P Got 6 hours class the next day lagi, a bit concerned that I'll be too exhausted to pay attention, hehe.

Will still keep this in mind though. Who knows, suddenly got inspiration :P
TianChad田七 said…
Hope u suddenly got inspiration then :)
Buyt not until they closed the registration ar :)
Joshualaw said…
Haha....a healthy lifestyle indeed! =D
When is the registration duedate? I am planning to join also...^^
Niki Cheong said…
Wah ... I was wondering if I should run this then decided against it. But reading your post, I'm thinking I might!

Would be nice to do a night run.

Oh oh... 11.5k, wonder if I can make it. Die.
Huai Bin said…
It would be fun to do a night run...unfortunately, I have something going on real early the next day.
TianChad田七 said…
[Huai Bin]
There will be next time no worries :)
The Hyundai Contest also announce on that night, wonder if I manage to concentrate to run ^@^"

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