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UTAR BioTech '08 Gathered @ Mid Valley

Still remember this picture?

Now it is time to reveal! :)

Do you like fashion week?
Mid Valley is having alot of fashion show that period of time :)

Didn't manage to watch it because I am going for the gathering~!
The 3 only lady that came for this event.
Atleast have 3 right?
SauChan, Ange and WenNi

As for guy it is 4 +1
TianChad, ChunJin, ChiaHur, Timothy(Not in picture) and the shy cameraman.
Who is he? ;p

We decide to have dinner @ a Japanese Restaurant
Forgot its name but remember this logo.

Little Ange with a good hand pose XD
It is actually SauChan's hand~

Not forget to take more picture while waiting for foods, again!

WenNi still havent get used to my cam-whore habit ;p

Now she start getting used to it~

Kk, it is foods time!
SauChan with the ??? Noodles

And a collage of WenNi ;p
Got some extra pose when I asked her to pose more instead of one~
Cute leh! ;p

A close look on Ange's food

Basically almost all the guy had their meal except me and ChiaHur.
KokWeng, the cameraman & Timothy looking for drinks.

Here is my dinner set. I like Salmon very much as it provide us HDL ;p

At there we chit-chat and just exchanging information of each other.
What are we working as, what are we doing and what are we planing to do...etc
After we finished ours, we start to ask about others la.
Should have bring a name list right? XD

The time passed so fast till the shop already want to close.
So it is Math's time to pay the bill.

Do you like rainbow? Cos I colourful thing.

Here we are, the U-Club Se7en!

Not forgetting our 8th member - KokWeng!!
*You can run but you can't hide ;p*

That's all for our small UTAR gathering.
There is another "Unexpected UTAR Gathering" coincidentally organized @ BioCareer Fair.
So...UTAR BioTech '08, stay tuned!!

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)