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The Swine 6AM @ Broga Hills

So damn tired today!! Wake up around 3AM but it really worth go early for the moon and the sun!
You almost dun need a tourch light because the BIG moon is illuminating for us!
When we reach there already a lot of people on top of the hills!

There are two fellas that lying and enjoying the scene :)

And this Nicole's Swine has attacked and conquer Broga Hills!

My mind cant really function well now... TOoo tired...

So are you interested to see what we did @ Bukit Cahaya??
Please visit Nicole's Blog here!
I have been "modeling" for them and it turns out...
I will let you decide!!

Ciao & Night!...~ Z.z
*Snoring without no body know*

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)