Ruumz Pillow Contest + Kam's Birthday

A day in April, was my colleague Kam's birthday
He wasn't free on his birthday so we celebrate on later day.
This is his lovely Chocolate Fruit Cake

Before the celebration started, took a photo with Kam

Have you ever try to light the candle with a Bunsen Burner? XD
First time for us to do that ;p

After had a very damn slow pace birthday song for Kam
Asked him to pose a bit :)
Later then Catherine help us cut the cake and separate to everyone
Is there any rumors mentioned that the birthday person should not be the one to divide the cakes? As it will bring you bad luck?

This is Ji Xiang a.k.a. 吉祥
Such a fortune name :)
He is waiting for the salary.
I mean I am waiting for the salary ....

Here comes the potential poser - Liew!!

When I ask Catherine to take photo with Kam
It end up with this
Looks like want to KO each other la

Last but not least, here are some of my beloved colleagues that celebrate together :)

It is fun to have birthday celebration at your company right? XD

Today would be a short post cos' upcoming post would be a very long + picturous post again~!
Happy birthday Kam ^@^~


Do you think this ruumz pillow looks nice??
This is a soft pillow that I got from ruumz after attend their event
They didn't use cheap quality cottons, that's why it is very nice to hug!!
Some more this is something money can't buy, exclusive for ruumzmate!

Would you like to have one? XD
Yes? Here is how to do it.
First, be my ruumate if you haven't do so

Then, ask your friends to sign up ruumz by just giving them this link
The contest ends on 31st of May 23:59 GMT +8
The highest recruiter will get this soft black ruumz pillow from me!!
After your friend joined ruumz under this link, please note down his username and drop a comment at this post.
Fast fast ! You don't have much time for this ;p

PS: Only recruiter that recruit more than 5 friends are elligible for this ruumz Pillow Contest~

For more info about ruumz, please click here


cklim said…
impress with they way to light on candle by using bunsen burner ;-p
TianChad田七 said…
Haha, this is what happen when you can't find a lighter and you DO have a lab ;p
EVo said…
They should use the bunsen burner as the candle wei. HAHAHA

i miss hanging out with big gang of colleagues la...
TianChad田七 said…
Haha I scare the birthday boy cant blew it off

You organize an event for ur colleague la ;p
tcchuin said…
Chunyuen Tan
Tian chuin Chen
ee siew pang
lee yong hang
Ong Zin Zen
Yu Heng Tiu
soh wei han the pillow..
TianChad田七 said…
Thanks alot for your recruitment~!
Seems like u r the winner for the ruumz pillow ^@^

Please email me your mailing address so that I can mail to you :)

Again, thanks for support!

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