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Ruumz I'm in! Are you in yet?!

Just back from ruumz 's Event @ GreenPacket

First I would like to thanks Stephanie for the invite to this event.

I met new faces and this would helps me in my future, right? ;p
Social Network is always an important thing cos you get more successful by the support of your friends!

So what is ruumz ?

Following news were get from ruumz 's profile:

"ruumz is Malaysia's 1st social networking archetype that provides users (called ruumzsters) with their own personal online space to chill, hangout, invite friends, and meet people! We endeavour to create a safe and fun environment for our users that encouragws them to be self expressive, sociable and creative, so long as they play nice. Since our official inception on 15th January 2009, the number of ruumzsters has been growing rapidly. To keep up with this growth, ruumz is continuously finetuning, adding and improving our platform to better serve our existing & potential users. The ruumz team continuously take in suggestions and feedback and will try to implement the good ones."


When you sign up for a ruumz account, you will be presented with your own unique URL, e.g. If you choose 'handsomeguy' as your username, your url will be www.handsomeguy.ruumz.com. Imagine thepossibilities!

My Calendar
Plan and organize your life using this feature. you can set reminders and alarms for all the happenings that you can't afford to miss!

You can create events such as birthday parties, girls/guys night out, nlogs and also accept invites for events from your fellow ruumzsters and ruumates.

Photos & Album Printing @ myPhotos My Calendar

Upload, share and manage all your photos in our site.

You can print photos and photobooks direct from your online album and get it delivered right to your doorstep. Cool!

The photos can be delivered to other countries our of Malaysia.


Download your favourite songs with over 40,000 songs to choose from. First time users to the ruum are given a free unlimited download trial for 30 days.

ruumz .FM

A 24 hour online radio broadcast featuring a wide variety of English & Malays songs. Tune in to ‘The Blings! Show’ with Fly Guy and Ross every Wednesday 2pm-6pm, starting 22nd April 2009, exclusive to ruumz .FM.


Find the latest trailers, reviews and showtimes for movies being shown in Malaysian cinemas. We also provide the scoop on upcoming movie releases.


Blings! are ruumz’s online currency (RM1 = 10B!) which allows users to pay for music downloads and photo printing.

You can top your account up with Blings! via credit card or direct debit from your savings/current account. Just activate your Blings! by following the instructions given on the Blings! tab.

Did I tell you guys that Fly Guy and Ross are in ruumz too?!

Yeah, both of them are the Bling Brothers You can listen to the Bling show
Every Wednesday 2-6pm

Besides the Bling show, I would say ruumz .FM is my favourite channel. They have every new hits on it running non-stop! In addition you can choose different categories music by follow your mood. When you are emo you can choose "Rock Out", when you want to dance you can choose "Hip hop Bliz", when you are sentimental you can choose "Sooth and Groove", or when you miss something when you are young choose "Absolute Urban"

Here is ONE of the ruumate that I met just now

Nicholas Chhan - the eternal young macho guy

More pictures to come in June :)
Stay tuned!

PS: For those who havent join ruumz
You better join now as it is a big new stuff for all people especially Malaysian!
FREE social network site, FREE music and a lot more FREEbies!

Did you know you can get FREE movie tickets from ruumz? Yes you can!
(Current promotion Terminator Salvation, Hannah Montana Movie)

So don't miss it!
Join ruumz now and you can win yourself an iPod Nano too!

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