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My Favourite YouTube Comedian & Director

Harlo, today I would like to share with you guys some of my favourite Youtube Comedian and Director.
First one, nigahiga
He has a bunch of funny idea to connect with the celebrities.
Twilight, Wolverin, The House and
Especially this one, the story between Rihanna and Christ Brown

Christine a.k.a. HappySlip
Christine is a cool director and actorS
She can act in different casts with good synchronization.
I still remember she acting as a dad which always eating something crunchy, and an aunt that always smile like witch.
I still prefer the ori Christine
Sharing with you the video about Facebook
There is some issue that we really need to be concerned ;p

PS: Christine is a pretty lady :)

Third one! KevJumba
Recently saw this re-uploaded video and it is fun to see him doing those stuff
BUT not every dad can be like Kevin's Dad! XD

KevJumba also created a "JumbaFund" Youtube profile for charity use.
The fund collected will be used on charity foundation who need them most!
All you need to do is support by watching his video especially in "JumbaFund"

Tonight will go for Terminator Salvation Screening :)
Thanks to HuaiBin and Nuffnang~

You know what I am going to end the post with right?
FOUR more days left!
Do join ruumz if you dun wanna miss out anything

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