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LG Blog Launch Party (Sneak Preview)

Just back from LG Blog Launch Party :)
As usual YengYeng is my party partner!

She as the Devil and Me as the Angel with the Devil Skin
or vice versa ;p

LG Blog Launched on 8th of May!

Perhaps with some blessing from the angels would make LG Blog turns out really well!!

The Purest Angel (Kim Ong) and The Wicked Devil.
Both of them deserve to win the LG 32” FULL HD LCD TV!!

The candle light is still on, the party will still on till late night~
So, deep inside you is Angel or Devil? XD

Full review will be up ASAP as there is a LG Arena for us to blog and win~!

Thanks for those who had become my ruumate and to make me get nearer to the iPod Nano.
I sti need atleast 60 ruumate to help me win~!
So...Would you kindly register as my ruumate here?

Thanks and appreciate~! ^@^
Ops! Is good morning!

*Later need to go Bukit Cahaya*
*Yes! Ony 4 more hours for rest!!*
*Hope I can wake up~!*

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)