State of The Arts KL #SOTAKL 2010 @ City Harvest Auditorium

How do you define and judge arts? If you have a sense of judging arts I hope you didn't missed out last year November State of The Arts KUala Lumpur #SOTA. Now only I have time to share some photos. In short, it is an eye opener for me to see lots of talented + artistic people who attended this event. Can see from how they dress themselves too. Wearing dark frame specs and more colourful clothes.

There are live talk sessions by industry leaders:
Audi Mok
A bit can't catch up what he was trying to say.

Daphne Iking
The talk-"coke" host while I still remember. She can talk in different personalities, whether you want it "bersopan" or "berkasar".

Harith Iskander
The funny comedian in Malaysia

Niki Cheong
Bangsar Boy >> Bangsar Men

Paul Moss
Hmm, feel a bit hard to reach him and he always look serious.

Special guest performances:
Dennis Lau, Electric Violinist & Songwriter
Without sunglasses he is not Dennis Lau ;p

Ewin Ee, National YoYo Champion 2008
Young YoYo master

Zlwin Chew, Resident Magician at Zouk KL
Get a unique shape fork from him by helping him in his performance =)

Showcase of creative talent through 4 competitions:
- Photography
- Art Installation
- MyMovie
- Floristry

Showcase of creative performances featuring a colourful array of hopeful stars, including singers, dancers, comedians, impressionists, jugglers, magicians and ventriloquists.

Here comes my photo stories for State of The Arts Kuala Lumpur:

There was a SOTA wall of photos collage outside the Auditorium
Artistic people will show their funny face =)

Some myths shared by Paul Moss. I would say if good looking you can have easier life in Media/Entertainment. But sometimes that's the thing that make you feel your talents are not appreciated. Definitely need a balance btw this two.

Then it is the talk by NikiCheong. Teaching us about Chance Encounters. Many people saw the opportunities but not much would dare to grab the chances. Because of fear or uncertainty?

This happens all the time to me whenever there is an on-the-spot event challenge. Example, I volunteer myself for a challenge with KennySia without knowing the challenge that we are going to do. Ends up my head is stucked inside a panty hose and we did some funny stunt. LOL

Now I remember how "humiliated" I am. But it was a once-a-life-time experience, so be it. At least we manage to entertained the crowd and their stress level decreased?

People always say "You are lucky!!" whenever I win something. I would say must smart enough to be lucky. There isn't any free food for you just because you are the lucky one, you need to work and fight for it.

All the contest I've joined are really through numerous efforts but not everyone can see it. Will I say I am lucky to win a BlackBerry Smartphone? No I won't. So if you have something to achieve, don't just look at it and dreaming, start action now by taking your first step.

I super like the performance by Harith Iskander. Especially when he start acting as CSI's Horatio. Too bad I didn't record his video...Or else can share at here already!

Harith Iskander is funny enough to have everyone's applause

There was a short break and photo time with friends. Suresh, Vince and Shannon

Vince and Niki

Mynjayz and Shannon
We went to the food courtnearby

The Band - Decimal
Like the voice of the girl esp when she sing Grenade =)

Another Boy Band - _________

Dennis Lau and his violin

Emotional Dennis Lau

Dennis Lau + Peace

Dennis Lau performing with his friend + saxophone. Nicely mixed =)

There was a RUNWAY at #SOTAKL

This one looks the most unique but definitely won't appear in town
Maybe LadyGaga would wear it

The emcees were talented too. Here's him doing the Moob Dance. The judges were cheering lol

There is a talent show challenge and first one is Yoyo performance. KJ and Ewin was there

You can have beatbox. Maybe because I've seen too much, doesn't feel it is that special anymore??

Group dance that playing with Neon lights

Luan-Da @ 乱打
With knives as the drumstick and glad that they put some efforts in illumination lights

Kevin Khor the singer
Like his voice, so keep it up

There are even poem performance too. The loudest cheers from her peers

Dancing with magic elements = extra marks

What made the crowd cheer so loud? Welcome our last young and talented performer

The 12 years old kid who performed China Yoyo won himself RM1,500 =)

He was requested to perform again

And yes he did =)

I definitely enjoyed myself during the time in State of The Arts KL. Hope anyone who has been there feel the same way too. I am already lookign forward for State of The Arts KL 2011 =D

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