Ripley's Believe It Or Not @ Genting Highland First World Plaza

After a visit to Genting Visitor Galeria and Pedas Springs Family Spa, we went to First World Cafe for buffet lunch.

This place is a hugely spacious buffet eatery that sits 2,400 pax. The unique selling point of this café is its monthly themed buffet such as Thai, Indonesian, Indian, Middle Eastern and Hong Kong Food Promotion, thus it is no surprise that this café is hugely popular among a good mix of diners.

I am looking forward for their Fruits Buffet this coming April~

I would like to say their dishes are decorated and doesn't looks plain.

Even just salad also have so many vegetables selection

There are tons of foods for you to try out, so don't stuff yourself with just one dish only ya! Try everything then choose your favourite!

I like how this was decorated =D

Let's meet the Chef? =)

After lunch we went for Haunted Adventure @ First World Plaza. Here's a group shot before we went inside being scared by the "ghosts".

This is how scary it was ;p

Actually there is a tips for you all who is going for Haunted Adventure. You shoul'd volunteer yourself (that's what I did) to be the first because the ghost won't appear in front of you to scare the hell out of ya.

I guess I was evilly laughing all the way seeing friends behind me being scared? Another advice is that don't be the last one, cos you might have one extra people holding your waist~! Just kidding~

One of the "ghost" that took part in scaring people and attract more customer after a show.

Hope they going to upgrade the Haunted Adventure especially the 3D Glasses because it is too blur to see the 3D effects. I can confirm after the 3D Glasses is fixed you will be scared more that you expected.


Another attraction in First World Plaza is Ripley's Believe It Or Not. That's the place where you can see many weird stuff or story of people with extraordinary abilities. I will show just a few thing exhibited inside there.

The torture grave

The Fertility Statues - It was rumored that whenever the couple who touched this pair of statues, they will have baby easier. I touched one of them, not sure what would happen next~
(was too shy to touch the upper part la lol)

The mask that some urban people will wear. It looks like a cute monster that can be found in Maple Story Online Game.

The Genuine Shrunken Head
Do you believe a human's head can be shrunken to this small size?

Yeah, me and Wern are on The Luckiest Chair now
Praying to get Toto/4D, but never go buy one or gamble in casino #phail

Dylan with the falling books

The Gold Plated Coin Covered Car
Too bad that there are itchy hand that steal some of the coins...

Enlarge contact lens need no more when with this mirror.

The tallest guy of the world

Here is a portrait picture

Made up with many different badges. There are other photos with made up of pins and barcodes

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are
Michael Jackson's version

The fun board that will remember your shadow. Saw my love?

After visiting Ripley's Believe It Or Not I can't believe Genting Sky Venture is already fully booked and didn't manage to grab a chance to fly in the air. heard that it is a 45 minutes training and only 5 minutes of flying in the air ar.

But still I will be back and try next time. It is RM50 per "flight"

So we somehow went to this er...childish Robots and Mars 4D Show.
This was meant for kids really.

The chair that you are sitting on is the 4th sense you will able to experience after 3D.
No bubbles included in the 4th sense.

Personally think that the room is low with oxygen because almost everyone feel dizzy after the show. Hoep they improve the air circulation and of course waiting time between each show. Luckily got Mr. Bean cartoon to spend my waiting time.

We were then "lepak" nearby the themepark because need to wait other bloggers to finish their 4D show. Ends up become a photoshooting session for me =)

Parents that playing with the kids
Allison with the cold wind

People who dreaming to be a superman will want to take this ride

A kid who is learning new things around him.

Will he be a good guy in future? We need more in this world

The little kid who are happy+jumping to see her parents again

Playing with sunlight flare, blurred but nice? ;p

Last but not least, me and Wern@Redbuttockz had the RM5 ice-cream at this cold weather because wanna be extreme! Didn't managed to visit the SnowWorld due to time constrain.

Next blog post would be "Single to Mingle Dinner @ Patio Bar & Lounge". Visited the high class wine room hidden upstairs of Patio. Must read the next post yo!

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