My First Wedding PhotoShoot :Wawa & Wan @ Sungkai Perak

Wawa & Wan Wedding Photo Shoot @ Sungkai Perak

How I met both of them? Through a burger stall nearby my house. They are the owners and I found that they are really kind & friendly. Eventually I was invited to attend their wedding few months ago. My first time attend a Malay Cultured Wedding and as a photographer =)

Noticed that Malay Wedding is kinda easy to organize. All you need to do is organize a open house, buffet style lunch for both side families. Not sure if they give angpow like the Chinese. They have Karaoke session and lucky draw. In short, it is lot more simple and low budget required~

A 2 hours ride before we reach the village area. Rainy day and everyone heading to the wedding ceremony.

Roses as decoration

Simple and nice wedding decoration

Bunga Telur @ Egg Flowers

Happy friend

The flower girl

The Big Eye baby

That's not afraid of me

The Sing-K Session

Bride and groom arrive under rain

Another flower girl

Wawa & Wan Wedding photo opportunity

The kiss from the parent as wishes

Lovely feed

The blessing tools

Happy parents

The throwing + blessing moment. they throw rice and 'air mawar' I guess

The wedding cake

Me, Redbuttockz and the new couple Wawa & Wan

After the whole wedding ceremony, the couple brought us to the waterfall and Sungkai Perak Hotspring

Nice cool water @ waterfall

The Cinderella shoes

Holding hands for the rest of their life

The hugging moments

I personally like candid shoot because their face expression is at most natural state =)

I wonder why the bride wanna hit the groom. Must be he was naughty lol

When receiving wishes from people who passed by

This was taken inside Sungkai Hot Spring

Another photo on the bridge

Last but not least, the little kissing moments in front of Sungkai Perak Waterpark. Congratz again to this new couple and I hope my photo can be their best wedding gift ever =)

My first set of wedding photo in Side Show. Watch it? =)

What do you think about the photos? Am I qualified to be a wedding photographer/assistant? I have lots more photo to show but decided to share on FB album instead =) See more photo at my Facebook Album

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