Single to Mingle @ Patio Bar and Lounge Genting Highlands

Resort World Genting organized a Single to Mingle Event @ Patio Bar & Lounge which had just undergone a revamp. before that we went to Ripley's Believe It Or Not @ Genting Highland First World Plaza. I am sure you will be amazed by at least 10 interesting facts inside. I like the virtual jewelery that was displayed inside. You can see it but can't grab it.

To go to Patio Bar and Lounge you need to cross the bridge. That day it was fill with Love's balloons to suit Valentine's Day ambient.

If only your SMS/MMS is visible here is how your love message would looks like

Here is one of the Valentine's Day dishes. Guess what's inside?

The decoration was nicely done with light candle and soft background music. Make it classy yet romantic at the same time. Which girl won't love this?

YiWern found the love dropping down from the sky

And it is meant for TianChad of course lol
*bokeh FTW*

Do you know that MsXeroz and Xeroz first met each other 6 years back in Genting Highland?

Stella Artois - One out of 12 taps available in Patio Bar and Lounge

Single to Mingle open ceremony speech

There we go the dinner is served~!

There were some challenge where the 9 couples need to complete as part of the contest.
Take photos+++

So many prizes for them to win. I am attracted with the FUJIFILM Instax Mini 7X Instant Camera =)

Wonder how their challenges went through but happy to see them laugh =)

Night performance + duet by the band @ Patio bar & Lounge

She asked,"Do you want to have children in future?"

Because she is going to throw the durian for extra 100 Game Point~! See the faces behind ;p

Dylan took part in the game too. He is trying to catch the Pooh Pooh

Of course the 6 years and long lasting Xeroz couple took part too =)

Some people throw with style

Some catch with style too, using their pants

Asking their opinions about their paired couple

Does she feel thankful+appreciate for the compliments?

Been seeing a few matching couple among them and hope they have become real couple after this event

What makes them cheer so loud?

Congratz to all the winners~!!

Here's a group photo of all the participants, bloggers and also Resort World Genting staffs =)
Spot the sweetest couple

After the Single to Mingle event, we were brought to pay a visit to 'Godfather' Lounge @ The Patio. The super classy place nicely hidden in Patio!

See the sofa and the wine kept in the refrigerator
'Godfather' Lounge @ The Patio

First thing is the sofa

Second thing, the sofa

You won't know what would happen if stay too long on that sofa lol

My first time see the wine well kept in this machine. Looks like you just need to pump it out for a tasting session and each of them have different cooling temperature.

COURVOISIER Cognac is the most expensive liquor available in 'GodFather' Lounge

Wanna have some wine? You must visit 'GodFather' Lounge @ Patio then =)

A photo of me and Wern before we leave this nice place

This is the Tiger Bar @ Genting Highland. Full with blue lighting and a nice place to watch football

12 Taps Bar is offering:
  • Singapore's Tiger beer
  • Denmark's Carlsberg
  • Holland's Heineken
  • Ireland's Guinness Draught
  • Germany’s Paulaner
  • Germany's Franziskaner Weisbier
  • Germany's Erdinger Weissbrau
  • Ireland’s Kilkenny
  • England’s Strongbow
  • Belgium’s Stella Artois
  • Belgium’s Hoegaarden
  • Belgium’s Leffe
I've only tried 6 out of 12 of them in my life =)

If you wanna have a romantic moment, take this ride that will circle around Patio Bar & Lounge

Saying goodbye to the lovely environment

Last but not least, thanks Resorts World Genting for organize this Bloggers Days Out as I've explore a few more new places in First World Plaza. The most thing that I like is always the cool weather =)

Looking forward for next visit! Hmmm...Probably SNSD's Live Concert? =)

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