Johnnie Walker - Keep Walking, to the Black Circuit Lounge 2011

Last year August was my first met with Johnnie Walker. Johnnie Walker was offering Malaysians the once-a-lifetime opportunity to step inside the Black Circuit and experience the exclusive + high pressure world of motor racing that took place at the Sepang International Circuit, home of the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix.

I was trying so hard to win the Facebook game but wasn't able to beat their record. However, as a lucky blogger I am glad that I was invited to see all the 24 Facebook winners and Public figures to be a JW Pit Crew.

Well, first I thought being able to be there is already a blessing for me. Especially when I can have Johnnie Walker racing car all alone for myself to have photo with =)

Or even camwhore picture with Sepang International Circuit? ;p

Unexpectedly I was given a chance to be a Johnnie Walker Pitcrew and experience it all by myself. This is me and another friend checking the tyre pressure while using the walkie-talkie-earphone. Isn't this a super nice once a life time experience?

You need to be fast in screwing+unscrewing these bullets. Now I know how heavy was the tyre.

It is definitely great to step inside the Black Circuit =) A photo of me with my teammates. You can read more about my experience and encounter @ My Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience

Here's a video of what JW Pit Crew need to do. We need to be quick and accurate at the same time when doing everything. Most important is teamwork so that our team can keep walking~!

The Johnnie Walker experience didn't end just like that. I received the invites to Step Inside the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge the night after it. It was a classy event where everyone are here by invitation only, with a Golden Cuff as your pass~!

A night to party with show-stopping entertainers Havana Brown from Australia, DJ Andrew T of Singapore, and KL's very own DJ Goldfish. Still remember the classy decoration inside the lounge. Fascinating lighting playing along DJ's music in the hall =)

I went there alone but I'm glad that I have managed to enjoy myself with some other bloggers and new friends as well. It was a fun night =D Met NameWee inside the lounge too! Read my JW Black Circuit lounge photo stories here.

It was so quick that 2010 has passed and Johnnie Walker, the World’s number one Scotch whisky + global partner with VMM for highly successful Formula One team McLaren Mercedes, once again will be bringing Malaysians the ultimate VVIP after-race party experience to Kuala Lumpur, the Black Circuit Lounge.

Bold, Stylish, Delivered in Black.
We will able to experience the lifestyle of Formula One!!

On Saturday April 9th, this Ultimate V-VIP Race Party delivered in Black. This luxury race party will feature Superstar-mixer DJ Enferno from the East Coast and DJ Sophia Lin will show Kuala Lumpur why she has captivated the Hollywood clubbing scene. Definitive Hip Hop DJs in Asia, Hong Kong's DVDJ I-Tek and Malaysia’s very own sweetheart DJ Faith will also be spinning for the A-listers at the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge.

Here's a sneak peek of Johnnie Walker upcoming Black Circuit Lounge in April 2011

I still not sure where is the secret venue yet, but all I know is that we can get the invites only from the striding man at Sounds so mysterious and exclusive =)

McLaren teammates Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton celebrate a one-two finish at the Chinese Grand Prix

I am impressed with both Jenson and Lewis. At day, they push themselves very hard to be successful in their racing careers; At night, it is time to wear a nice coat and enjoy the night at Black Circuit Lounge. But if without the spirit of 'keep walking' I believe they won't be there on the stage celebrating with champagne.

I have graduated with Biotechnology degree and was once working in a bio-fermentation lab. Deep inside me saying that I need to change because I want a different and more colourful life instead of just a 9-5 job doing the same thing, everyday. Have faced some set backs when I told my parents that I wanna quit my job to be a blogger+photographer instead. They were worried about my future but I insist on what I am doing. Well, I gotta say without the spirit of 'Keep Walking' I wouldn't be here blogging again on =)

I am glad that I've made it to my second year and it is getting better day by day. It is tough but you do feel good when you encounter and managed to solve the challenge. I love what I am doing now! This site is like an online diary remembering what I did especially those first time experiences like being a Pit Crew, doing Bungee Jump +++.

Wouldn't it be great that I can check back my blog and see my personal progress after numerous years? Johnnie Walker does helps me Keep Walking =)

Thanks to my friends and families for supporting all the time.
I always believe sharing is caring so sharing JW with my friends is a good thing! It is worth to cheers and celebrate together with a good drink =)

For your chance to win tickets to the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge, Step Inside to stay connected with insider-access and exclusive offers only from Johnnie Walker.

But always remember,


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Why should you do it? Because I will have another new first time experience to share at this site? Thanks for helping me keep walking =)


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