AIDSAware Exhibition Launch @ Mid Valley Gardens

When do I started know about AIDSAware Campaign and its Exhibition @ Mid Valley Gardens? I think it is because I joined ruumz social website long long time ago. Thanks James for the invites as I guess it is a good way to share AIDSAware message through photos especially when more than 20 Malaysia Personalities & Celebrity were there for the grand launch of the AIDSAware Exhibition.

What is AIDSAware?

AIDSAware is a campaign that involves you. This is a much-needed effort to increase the awareness of HIV/AIDS by collecting photo messages from people like you to help influence and educate Malaysians of all ages.

The project cam about when PT Foundation and ruumzcauses collaborated with Studio Pashe,, Orchan Consulting and CREATIVE JUICE\SIL to make widespread awareness on HIV/AIDS Prevention & Non-Discrimination a reality n Malaysia.

All funds raised from the project will be donated to the PT Foundation. PT Foundation is a community-based, voluntary non-profit making organization providing HIV/AIDS education, prevention, care and support programmes, sexuality awareness and empowerment programmes for vulnerable communities in Malaysia. ruumzcauses is a dedicated social charity platform by, a Malaysian social network.

Together we can BE THE MESSAGE to stop HIV/AIDS.
Photo message on combating HID/AIDS, eradicate discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS, and to remember the 13,000 Malaysians who have died from AIDS were collected from 42 celebrities and public. Have you create and submit your photo message? Visit

Arrived at The Gardens Mid Valley and happy to see the exhibition corridor was decorated with big bunch of roses on each and every table. Simple, red and elegant =)

Here are some of the AIDSAware photos featuring some celebrities =)

"If you love her, wear a cover. STOP AIDS"
Harith Iskander
and Jezamine Lim
*The only couple shoot I saw*

'Choose Love. Be Faithful, Be Safe'
Sarimah Ibrahim
*Like her smile*

'Don't be silly! Put a condom on that WILLy!'
Will Quah

*he is smart in including Will inside the quote =)*

'Ignorance is NOT bliss. Educate yourself, STOP AIDS'
Hansen Lee

*How to keep body fit? Gotta ask him*

“你可以是一个信息,禁止爱滋病” @ 'You can be a message, STOP AIDS'
Amber Chia

*A slim mother with years of modeling experience*

'Every week 2 Malaysians below 19 are infected with HIV'
Niki Cheong
*The Bangsar Boy++*

'Your Partner could be HIV+. Use a CONDOM'
Owen Yap
*A very warm welcome person I met before *

'87,000 people are living with HIV in Malaysia. DON'T turn your back on them!'
Jojo Struys

*Good to see her again ever since so many blogger events + Project Alpha. Looking forward for her TV Show featuring Yuna*

'Anyone of us can get AIDS. Educate yourself'
Lina Teoh
*my first time to meet Miss Malaysia Lina Teoh in person =)*

'Sex can be safe. STOP AIDS'
Dennis Lau
*He is always with his sunglasses, isn't he? ;)*

'noHIV Inside'
Aishah Sinclair

*Aishah just give birth and she manage to keep her body very well! Salute and feel happy for both her and her baby =)*

'STOP AIDS' with a hand print
Jehan Miskin
and Xandra Ooi
*Jehan and Xandra are both good friends =)*

'You won't get AIDS from hugging someone living with HIV...Like HELLOOO?'
Daphne Iking
*Like her personalities especially how she talk*

Absolute Vodka also took part in AIDSAware Campaign - ABSOLUTE PROTECTION
The female


A bottle of Absolute Protection with condoms

There are two BIG board of photos all taken, selected and submitted by the public citizen, like me. Wasn't able to spot myself but hope you guys will able to spot yourself there~

I've spotted a few friends there =)

Here's a kid who wander around the exhibition corridor =)

When friends meet each other again =)

Gorgeous couple Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen and Joey G =)

All are smart looking guys
________, Daniel Tan, Adrian Chee, Dennis Lau, Hansen Lee

Dennis Lau, Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen, Xandra Ooi, Daniel Tan, Adrian Chee and ______

Some crews from "Mad Sally" with friends

James Chong, the big guy who aggregate all the collaborators for AIDSAware Campaign. I can say it is really a BIG hard work to do. And he did it =)

One of the emcee of the night, Daphne Iking~! Ben Ibrahim is the other emcee
*Glad she like this photo =D*

Important people =)

Spotted Sazzy Falak is now a cute pregnant lady =)
Hope she give birth healthy baby/babies soon~
*could be twins?*

Something in the box

Three big guy from The Garden MidValley, Raymond Tai (Acting Executive Director of PT Foundation) and James Chong, ruumzcauses ready to pull the strings

All the red ribbons flying down from the sky

Happy Three Guys

When Red Ribbons united and become a star

Group photo of all the celebrities who attended AIDSAware Exhibition Launch
*Sometimes I dun light the flash gun because it block the view =S*

First, there is one creative photographer that request the celebrties Aishah Sinclair, Joanne Kam, Lina Teoh to do ribbons-throwing in-the-air photo shoot. Here is my shoot from the side~

Another bigger attempt with more celebrities doing together~!
*See all the smiles, won't you like it? =D*

This time Yasmin Hani, Xandra Ooi, Sazzy Falak, Jojo Struys took part too~

Impressed with the main photographer of the night because she can guide all the celebrities to take photo together. She didn't just tried once too. Thanks for their patience too.

Here's a shoot for the guys
Spot the photographer of all AIDSAware portrait photo message in the middle =)
Simon Chin of Studio Pashe

Before the event end, took a chance to take photo with Lina Teoh

Hansen Lee, I am still learning from him

Daphne Iking, undeniable the celebrity with most outstanding personality and I like it =D

JojoStruys, the only celebrity that I dare to camwhore with because we've met a few times? She is friendly =)

We can be the difference and don't just educate yourself, but your friends too!

Do visit The Gardens @ Mid Valley for AIDSAware Photo Message Exhibition to see more photos that wasn't featured here. I am sure you will like the photos~
24 Feb - 13 Mar 2011

Between, Visit AIDSAware Facebook Page for more info and updates about this campaign!

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Hope you can share the message to at least 5 of your friends and keep spreading! Stay tune on my Facebook/Fanpage for more photos~ Still trying to improve my photography and always want to learn from you who reading this post. if have any comments please do share with me cos that's how I improve kay? Thanks!

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