My TuneTalk Mobile Prepaid Experience

Initially I saw the TuneTalk promo where we can create our own favourite mobile number and get the SIM Card for free. So I registered on website and redeemed it. Had quite a nice number 010-543xxxx

However I didn't spend much time on it because it is a fuss to switch simcard between my current telco SIM as I don't have two phones that time. So in the end I abandoned my TuneTalk for quite some time, till it is expired.

However, must thanks to Nuffnang, I've got a chance to review TuneTalk Prepaid Mobile service. Well, the benefits of using TuneTalk Mobile prepaid as below:

- Earn Tune Talk points for AirAsia flights for every top up (only Telco that rewards you with free Air Asia flights). Points NEVER expire
- Free RM100,000 Personal Accidental Insurance Coverage underwritten by Etiqa
- Option to change your number anytime
- Super low flat rates nationwide to any number, anytime
- And lots more!

TuneTalk prepaid is definitely good for frequent caller + sms people because rates for Tune Talk Mobile Prepaid service is
  • 16 sen/min
  • 5 sen/SMS
  • 5 sen/MB data (Good news for data plan user?)

Glad that TuneTalk set International Roaming to such easy steps. We can just direct dial the number and enjoy lower rate at the same time.

TuneTalk Point for AirAsia Flights

I do think this is a good idea because people who light budget airline sure wanna save on their telephone bills too. I will def use TuneTalk to collect TT Points for free/cheaper AirAsia flights but it depends on weather their service satisfied people like me. Mobile Businessman + Social Media Evangelist I would say.

If compared with my current telco, it is 1 sen more expensive on call, but 5 sen cheaper when SMS, somemore nationwide and the coverage is better because partner with Celcom. I am using RM68 data plan, that means I can surf the internet for a quota of 1360MB if using TuneTalk Prepaid Mobile.

I know how much I used monthly for Data plan, so 1360MB/1.36GB is definitely more than enough. Plus I can save 5sen/SMS, it means I can have lower bill next month! So I tried their service for 3 weeks++, here's my experience:

Remember I said that I registered before? I am happy that I can claim back the number that I've choose although it had expired loooong time ago. Thanks to the customer service =) But personally think that their Customer Service reply a bit slow because they only reply my email once/day. Hope they can have a real time customer service to troubleshoot my problem. It would be a lot faster+easier.

As for the calling+SMS service, I can say I am satisfied with it as till now no drop call yet plus I can send double amount of SMS to my beloved one. Of course, including my friends and family ;p

But one thing I am not really satisfied with TuneTalk prepaid is their slow gprs Connection. It would be great if they have at least EDGE connection. Because I can't really surf the web properly because it is toooo slow...

I am not sure if I need to activate anything but I did send "SET" (without quotes) to 20999 to get automated configuration, even tried the manual way. But it is stil gprs connection. Therefore I can't really Tweet and Facebook and most importantly is to check my email through my BlackBerry.

Just hope that they are providing a prepaid data plan soon enough for BlackBerry or any smartphone user because more user like me will definitely switch to TuneTalk Prepaid Mobile. I also hope that they provide the service where you reload RM100 then can keep the number valid for 12 months/1 year. It increase the exclusivity plus keep the TuneTalk user for sure.

Well, I can't deny TuneTalk still able to grabs peoples heart by offering SOME people's favourite artists like Justin Bieber. Now you can win Tickets to Justin Bieber Premiere Screening @ GSC Pavilion by using TuneTalk and tune in

It would be glad if Far East Movement, OneRepublic or even Boys Avenue are in the concert list next time.

Above are my feedback about TuneTalk service, how bout yours? Do you facing any difficulties while using your telco? If you wanna save more money on SMS/Call, do consider TuneTalk prepaid Mobile =)

You can tweet to @TuneTalk or follow them on TuneTalk Facebook page for latest updates and enquiries.

I hope they can hear my voice...

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