St. Patrick's Day Festival @ Changkat Bukit Bintang 2011

Guinness St Patrick's Day Festival @ Changkat Bukit Bintang 2011

Invited to join the party and have fun at Frangipani, Changkat bukit Bintang because the awesome festive season is back. Last 2 year St Patrick was located at One Utama (can read the post here). This time is at the busy street Changkat Bukit Bintang. Noticed there a re tons of lounge bars along the street.

Welcomed by the clover leaf balloons

Saw a bike with Guinness Gold Emblem

A Guinness big fans?

It is usual to see the guy doing this High Striker

It surprised the audience including me when she is trying to do a strike

Guinness Merry Me @ Frangipani

Thanks to the Merry Me badge I can has free flow of Guinness =D

Therefore whenthe ladies had a sip of Guinness

They all transformed into St Patrick Sailormoon lol
*I am Sailor Moon, the champion of justice! In the name of the Moon, I will punish you! I will right wrongs and triumph over evil and that means you!*
Thanks RedButtockz for the quote

The crowd is getting bigger when the sky get darker =)

You can has St Patrick Clover Leave and Guinness tattoo

Noticed there are lots of tourists dropping by for St Patrick Festival

The moment when Troupe including big bikers Irish Dancers went into the crowd. See the happy face.

'A picture of you, a picture of me'

It is very nice to see the event organizer prepared a Raincoat Collection Counter just in case the sky start to rain. I guess because of the fun crowd, the sky is too hot to rain.

Cooling myself down with some Guinness =D
PS: Make sure you have Guinness after some foods

The Nuffies =)

The gorgeous celebrities + personalities

The luckiest mascot of the night. Everyone was like
"Aww so cute I wanna hug you!!"
Salute to the person inside the Guinness Suit cos I am sure he/she is sweating like pig, but he should be happy getting hug by the ladies ;p

Happy dancing moments

Crowd-favourite Irish dance troupe further liven up the celebratory mood as they put on a remarkable performance, as well as attracted the crowd to join in the dance. The energetic dances truly brought the age-old Irish saying of "ol, ceol, craic", which means "a great pint, good music and wonderful fun" to life.

The cute Audrey was there =)

Emily Lim Pey Chi - One of the pretty girl in the party =)
She is acting in 'The Seeds Of Life 漁米人家' now boradcasted on Ntv7

How many guys can you recognize?

Woot extra opportunity to take photo with the gorgeous people =)

Not to forget the emcee of the night Phat Fabes and Serena C

The big crowd is still there although already 11pm

Well, it is all because of the awesome fireworks to complete St Patrick Day =)

This is the fifth year Guinness is celebrating St. Patrick's Festival in Malaysia and a strong turnout of over 3,000 excited party-goers further hyped up the already uproarious Irish celebration.

Over 2,000 Guinness pubs and entertainment outlets nationwide are also giving away exclusive, specially designed Guinness St. Patrick's Stress Pints for every four pints of Guinness Draught or a bucket of Foreign Extra Stout purchased. The Guinness St. Patrick's Stress Pint is also available for free when shoppers purchase a Guinness Foreign Extra Stout 6-can pack at any of the Cold Storage, Mercato, Jaya Grocer and Village Grocer across the county.

Thanks Guinness for giving us another Merry go Round St Patrick Festival at Changkat Bukit Bintang. Visit for the events photos.

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