SMCKL #12: Explore the ROI of Winning Social Marketing Programme

"Steven Groves, founder of Social Marketing Conversations, and co-author of the ROI of Social Media (with Guy Powell and Jerry Dimos), to Social Media Club #12: Exploring the ROI of a Winning Social Marketing Programme. Guy Powell, founder of DemandROMI (a marketing consulting firm), and co-author of ROI of Social Media, will also be joining us for this event. Powell was instrumental in laying down the foundational elements in the book and is an author in his own right.

Groves will share some of his personal insights on how marketers and brands can design and put in place a fully-integrated SM programme that can be monitored, measured and give the best return to the bottom line. "

Well, it was Tuesday and I was working nearby KLCC. My friend @gugubird invited me to SMCKL but since it was last minutes the registration to get ticket has closed. But I tried to ask on twitter and guess what? Someone from SMCKL twitted me and Daniel [@DanEVO] manage to register for me last minute. I guess need to thanks to @FongFeiKei for RT for me too~

Do follow @FongFeiKei to see if you need to FFK or waiting for someone FFK their concert tickets~ You might able to get Michael Buble Live Concert ticket last minute here~!

Social media FTW for helping me get last minute passes ~! ;p

It was a surprised to see SMCKL and Microsoft sponsoring the event venue and of course FOODS. Had Domino Pizza as lunch and again at night ;p Thanks for that!

Chris Tock is the "waiter" of the day. Thanks for serving everyone and appreciate!

Let see how many people attended SMCKL #12? I've seen some familiar bloggers and social media evangelist. Including marketing and advertising people who are interested to know more about Social Media Marketing.

When @FongFeiKei meet @gugubird
*PS: Both can fly*

Long time never meet Euveng @FongFeiKei and glad to see him after so long =D

Fazly from TourismSelangor.
I've been hearing this more frequent, "TianChad, you are like everywhere!"

I wish I could be in Australia, Bali, NewYork City, Las Vegas +++ for travel ar. If this happen then ppl can say I am everywhere ;p

This is the 29th floor view from KL Convention Center

The venue sponsor Microsoft. Giving speech about their new live streaming with the prototype computer server. With 8 core processors and 16GB RAM to encode/decode the video recorded through a webcam. This is to provide different quality of live streaming video depends on your internet speed.

Powell sharing about how customer make decisions. He did a good approach by asking questions. To make customer make decisions, we need to consider the selling price, awareness, word of mouth, relevance and all sorts of marketing media.

To monitor whether your campaign is successful, you can't just depends on one monitor channel (eg. CTR). For influencer/company, you need to have proper content and blast out the message at the right time+++ and monitor from various channels.

Consumer usually will get more awareness through advertisement (V/Radio/Social Media) then will start consider it by asking friends (Word of mouth). A successful marketing campaign will surely make more people talking about the item. Eventually make you purchase because your friends says it is good too.

How many person have LinkedIn accounts raise your hands up
*Someone is twitting*

Social Media Tenets including outbound marketing messaging and inbound customer service engagement. A bit too deep for me without reading the book =S

Good to see they are not too serious and able to entertain the crowd sometime.
[Guy Powell and Steven Groves]

Will it blend? A successful marketing campaign that help increase 5,000% blender sales with only initial $50 USD Investment. I wanna see them blend iPad2 can? ;p

As usual, some Malaysians are shy and prefer to ask question through Twitter.

Personally think that the talk and sharing by Steven and Powell is a bit too short. But they have longer Q&A session and con?

That's Shannon and Bill mingling around

Two kind Nuffies - Jestina and Nicholas =)

Khairul, Bill Tan and Shannon

Last but not least, a photo with Steven Groves. Glad that he recognized me as one of the winner who was holding a "1st runner up glory board" lol. Click here to find out what board I was holding and there is a giveaway running on~

Hope to see something more interesting speakers & sharing in SMCKL #13. More photos on my Facebook Page. Stay tuned!

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