Wonder Girls Concert Photos @ MTV World Stage 2010

Me myself is one of the big fans of K-Pop group Wonder Girls. Yesterday the main reason I went to MTV World Stage @ Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach is to see WG with my own eye. So here are the pictures taken during the concert.

Disclaimer: All photos were published and belongs to MTV World Stage Official Website. Full credits to MTV World Stage and gratz on the fast upload of photos even before the event end. This post is purely for sharing purpose =)




# 4

# 5

# 6


# 8

# 9

# 10




# 14





# 19

# 20

# 21

# 22

# 23

# 24

#25 I want nobody but you

So, which is your favourite photo? This is only part of their performance pictures~ I am waiting for MTV Asia to publish photos of them doing the Nobody dance.

BONUS: Here are the videos that I took far far away from the stage. Can see Wonder Girls dancing and singing but can't really see their face o.

The Opening of Wonder Girls performance @ MTV WorldStage Hot Hot

Wonder Girls Hot Hot. Super Hot @ MTV World Stage

Two Different Tears @ MTV World Stage

The long waiting Nobody But You dance. Too bad the camera crane is blocking all the view ...

Wonder Girls Performance finished and we spent such a long time wait for Tokio Hotel to come out. It is all because of the backstage screen not functioning.

So we took the chance to record a video about ourselves with Wonder Girls' two different tears.

Due to certain reason, Wonder Girls was up again as the very last performance of World Stage 2010. Please enjoy this last video with true big fans of WG shouting the slogan ;p

Encore version of Wonder Girls Nobody Performance and thanking everyone before leave.
*Credits to orgochimaru*

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