OUG Steven's Corner Bully Harmless Uncle

Just saw this bully case between OUG's Steven Corner with another shop owner on Facebook. From what the newspaper reported, it stated that the boss of Steven Corner hit the uncle because he was trying to remove the tables which were placed in front of his shop. Steven corner already put the table in front of this shop before it close and this cause the difficulty of transferring stock into his shop that will arrive soon.

This is how the uncle looks like after being ambushed by the people from Steven Corner...

It was said that part of the cause of this incident is because the owner of the shop refused to transfer his shop to somebody else. But it shouldn't leads to people being ambushed because they are trying to do their business too.

Below are more detail story about the fight and hidden fact that most people won't able to know.

Teressa Kok went to Steven Corner in OUG to understand the situation

Quoted from FaceBook Wall:
"华联花园Steven’s Corner 就在我们的货舱隔壁。每天傍晚开始,他们就会把三张桌子和多张椅子排在我们货舱门口。之前我们已经告诉他们说,我们还没关店,你们这样摆放桌椅,会妨碍我们上下货。。可是,每天他们还是老样子。。有时我们要移开那些桌椅还得“请示”他们呢!

昨晚大概八点左右,我的家公就像平时一样到货舱拿货。同样的,货舱门口已经排满了桌椅,而且还坐着人。于是家公就叫那些人换去别张桌子,移开桌椅后,他才可以拿货。怎知这时,Steven’s Corner 的大老板走过来直接...审问家公为何他搬开那些桌椅。还没来得及反应,三拳已经挥打过来了!在场的工人看到这样的情形就马上跑回店通知序杰和小叔。。
当序杰和弟弟到场,看到家公跌倒在地上。。试问一个六十多岁的老人家怎样顶得住?那个恶人看到他们兄弟俩来了还挥刀讲要砍死他们呢!Steven’s Corner 的一大班员工拉着他们的老板才不致于搞出人命!当时还有一个四眼的华人赶到说:“这个场我看的,你们在这里做什么?”哈哈!你们相信吗?mamak 店都有人看场啊!

那个大老板恶人还恐吓我们,如果我们叫警察,他们也不会怕,但是我们就得小心出入,并不排除会放火烧店!这样还成世界吗?这条路已经变成Jalan Steven’s Corner了!

不久,警察和YB郭素沁来了解情形。YB了解了事情的来龙去脉,家公被送到马大医院验伤,打人者,则被送到警局扣留。YB交代手下帮忙后她就去开会了。现场的警察听说可能有记者到访就在等。。要不然,早就离开了。。如果没有YB在场,我相信那个恶人也不会被送到警局!Steven’s Corner的店有安装CCTV,只要警察开来看,一定可以看到整个案发过程,只是看他们要不要而已!





Here is the translated version by Google Translate:

"OUG Steven's Corner next door in our cargo. Every evening, there will more than three tables and chairs placed in front of our shop. Before that we have told them that we are not closing yet, it will hinder our goods up and down.. But every day they are still doing the same.. Sometimes we have to remove those tables and chairs AFTER we had "consult" them too!

At about eight o'clock, my home, as usual the public getting goods to the cargo hold. Similarly, the cargo door in his office chair, but sitting people. So those who called for the public house to another table, and remove the furniture before he could be getting goods. But the sad truth this time, Steven's Corner of the big boss came home directly ... questioning why he was removing the public and those tables and chairs. Without enough time to respond, hitting and punching has come up! Workers at the scene who saw this situation quickly inform his family member.

When his family member arrived at the scene, they sawhe is already fell to the ground. How can a more than 60 years old guy know how to hold up? There are wicked brothers from Steven Corner's came to see them also brandished a knife and hacked them to say it! Steven's Corner large group of employees hold their boss and only avoid engaging in any death! There was even a Chinese arrived, said: "This field I see, what you doing here?" Ha ha! Do you believe it? mamak shop there have people who will "watch" ah!

The big boss villain also threatened us that if we call the police, they would not be afraid, but we have to be careful out does not rule out the possibility set fire to shops! This has also become part of the world? This road has become Jalan Steven's Corner!

Soon, the police and Qin YB Teresa Kok came to understand the situation. YB understand why things happen, the public was sent to Ma house the hospital's injury, beat people who were sent to police custody. YB account of her hands to help go after the meeting. The scene may have to report from the police heard that in so. . Otherwise, far away. . Without the presence of YB, I believe that the wicked will not be sent to the police station! Steven's Corner store has installed CCTV, as long as the police open view, will be able to see the whole process of the crime, just to see if they want to do it!

On the other hand, the public is probably home to more than nine major hospitals in Malaysia, but frustrating to have to complete the whole experience an hour before injury! Have to "admire" the efficiency of our hospitals! Complete examination after injury, arrived at the police station reported. 1 into the police station, saw the guy there waiting. At that time, I am really happy because I really think that the wicked are detained.. We also found that the guy is quite familiar with the police too! They can sit in the garden chairs talking incessantly. .

Masters of public statements in the record, we look everywhere. . Hurry up! We found that the police Pianting wicked! Not to say that being "Lokap" it? Why he can sitting there? That Pianting air-conditioning, TV, sofa. . He is also free to call it! What is with this world?

After the statement was recorded, the police told me to go home Pianting public. . Also to why the matter. Originally, we just call the police entirely beaten my old age homes and the wicked public reconciliation! God! It really is money on the big finish? There is no justice yet? Who also was beaten as nothing happened? My family did not consider the public came out directly. .

This morning, YB Teresa Kok Qin organized a press conference, I hope the authorities will take this matter seriously, but also want to give us a fair, but hope this can stop the evil villain to go! He is not only the education director of the South China small ceramic shop owner, is the leader in many social groups! "

What has happen to our society now? Is it actions were not taken because some of the people is getting benefits from Steven's Corner? You can read what Teresa Kok said about this bully issue. Sharing this on my blog because there are certain stuff that worth for us to think deeply...

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  1. [rachelkoko]
    Aiks, hope they did something to recover the bad image. It is Steven Corner, not Gangster Corner~

  2. i was curious as to what happened.. that's quite shocking.. sigh. Malaysia policemen are a disgrace la..

    guess these days.. just be careful wherever we are

  3. [Marccus]
    Yeap =.= it seems that there are people who is more powerful than the Mr. P =S

    Yeap cos now even the main authority also can't help us on justice

  4. Owh jesus! This is outrageous! Justice can never be effective in this country of ours...It's a country ruled by nuts...and we have no 'voice' to say what we want though there are so many wrongs than rights...

  5. [Joaquin Syed Vishnu]
    Never stop trying to speak up. Cos in the end more people will gather up and united and makes the voice louder.

    For example the Anti Merdeka Tower on Facebook. Can see lots of people don't want it to be build.

  6. Owh jesus! This is outrageous! Justice can never be effective in this country of ours...It's a country ruled by nuts...and we have no 'voice' to say what we want though there are so many wrongs than rights...

  7. [Marccus]
    Yeap =.= it seems that there are people who is more powerful than the Mr. P =S

    Yeap cos now even the main authority also can't help us on justice


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