LG Cookie Monster Party | Neutral Club

LG Cookie Monster Party was happened last Saturday (24 Jul 2010) at Neutral Club, Jln P. Ramlee and I am sure most of the people enjoy themselves especially for those who won new LG Cookie Series Phones~!

As usual, my blog post about special event will be flooded with tons of photos of you guys who were in the LG Party~! Make sure you are using an unlimited dataplan when use your phone to surf my blog~! Eg. DiGi Smart Plan~

Guess what is inside the LG Goodie Bag?

Evian Limited Edition Aqua Mineral designed by Paul Smith is one of the gift =)

Me and my friend arrived on time and there are lots of Nuffnangers lining up for registration outside the Neutral Club.

The main dressing theme of this party is "monster" that's why you will able to see some scary/cute monster in the same place. I don't dressed as a monster because there is this little naughty monster inside me.

Noticed that there are more new faces in the party too. Yay~!

The slim predator is here, and Sherk is coming from behind

Met up with cute Fourfeetnine and FiveFeet++ RedMummy.

Yes, the monster Shrek is the infamous KennySia who is emcee for the night~!

Thanks LG for having this party specially for Nuffnangers =) [Jacylyn from LG]

Nicholas Chay, the country manager of Nuffnang Malaysia gave a short speech an and thanks LG for having this party =)

Lucky blogger Eyriqazz won the first lucky draw in LG Party =)

Spotted a cute blogger who dressed up as Stitch [HooiNee]

Timothy Tiah and his girlfriend has the same height wor. Oh wait Audrey was on the stairs ;p

First, we had a small game where five volunteers came up on stage for cookie challenge. You have to finish a pack of cookie asap with a pack of Dutch Lady Milk. Did I mentioned I blogged about Dutch Lady World Milk day?

So who is the winner for this challenge?

One of the blogger Kevin get the loudest cheer while doing the challenge

Justin is the Cookie Eating Winner

Kevin is the runner up =)

Doesn't little stitch looks a lot more cuter when she doing the tip toe ?

This time the foods were more than enough to feed all of us hungry monster

There are nice flavoured Pizza from Modesto's Pizza too

All female Nuffies(employee in Nuffnang) dressed in white are going to do the Wonder Girl's Nobody Dance. Here is XinXian(Fresh), MsXeroz, and Jestina Goon.

Bumped into Niki Cheong, one of the featured Project Alpha bloggers =)

My turn to have picture with the Wonder Girls~!

There are total 12 female Nuffies who perform the dance "Nobody".
All looks gorgeous yo!!

It was kinda dark in the club that night, my picture would looks a lot better with a flash gun =) This is one of the lucky shot while people flashing their gun *sounds so wrong*

Nuffnang Wonder Girls get encore because of their great dance. So they dance again ~!
*I want nobody nobody but you~!*

I heard that the Nuffies have been practicing "Nobody" dance for more than a month. Happy that they did a great performance! So who wanna sign them up for contract? They are ready to rock the stage~

So please don't miss out Nuffnang Wonder Girls's Nobody Dance~!!

This is the new coming up Twilight movie. Wonder Girls with the shy vampire~!

There happen to be a reunion of baboon's family. We have Baboon Tan and TheRedButtockz here! There are Clevermonkey and Feeq monkey too.

Next game is the LG Cookie Bidding game. Me with some of my friends gathered all the cookies collected to win a few bids hehe. We need to do the "Nobody dance" to win extra cookies from Nuffies too.

jamie was so surprised to see our LG Cookie. Haha~

Once you win the bid, you must finish a multi-flavoured cookie to get your prizes.

You can win awesome prizes like TGIF Vouchers, TopShop Vouchers or even just an insect repellent~ ;p

Between, to people who admire Kennysia so much, here his his sexy back because of the Shrek outfit

Life is Good with LG Cookie!

Most of the people gathered up together with more LG Cookies to win the LAST bid.

There were two groups who gathered up at least 200 LG cookies per team.

This is a very tough fight and collaboration I can say =) Happy to see people gathered up all the forces together. It is fun ;p In the end RedMummy's team won

Do you kow that the best dresed male and female Nuffnangers in the party can win great prizes?

Here are the top ten finalist for best dressed make and female Nuffnangers who dressed up nicely to win LG Brand New 3G Cookie phones~

This mummy named Coco, her baby's name called Bobo

Here is one of the winner for Best Pre-Event Blog post.
Finalist are Pinkaholiclydia, TheEggYolks, & MsXeRoZ

The grand prize winner Nicole Chua (MsXeroz) molested Kenny tummy when she know she won. Lol

This is the best dressed male who just won a new LG Cookie 3G [KH-DD]

*drums roll* Who is the female best dressed winner?~

Congratz to Mummy Coco~

Mummy Coco changed back to the serious face again even when she receiving the prize. I call this professional cosplayer!!

Erra won a Digital Photo Frame through Lucky Draw~ =)
*PS If you wanna sell it please email me, I wanna get one for my grandparents~*

Here is a group photo for all the winners =) Yeap, all 10 best dressed has prizes too~
Best dressed Male [KH-DD, Zach, Simon Seow, QieFly and Nicholas Chay]
Best Dressed female [Coco, WiLee, Hooi Nee, Jolyn Goh, Pinky Tham]
Best preevent Blogpost [Pinkaholiclydia, TheEggYolks, & MsXeRoZ]

Nuffnang Logo Pose by all the Nuffies and Nuffnangers~ Can you spot the Nuffies from Singapore? =)

Jestina Goon Wonder Girl is back to home with Vampire Nicholas Chay.
The love between Bella and Edward? haha

Personally like the mist lighting system at the entrance of Neutral Club

I still remember I was dueling with Kennysia at the Tiger Beer Stand Out Party. My head was inside a panty hose! Oh my. Luckily this time don't have games like that.
*Btw, that wasn't KennySia real tummy*

Jolyn Goh has been always one of the best dressed Nuffnanger who came all the way from Penang and join party in KL. Salute~!

I met lots of bloggers and new faces during the party. So do spot yourself among 200 pictures taken during this LG Cookie Monster Party through this FB link http://bit.ly/cZn1CU and leave your blog url there when possible~

Can't put all the pictures on this blog posts because it will looks too much for a blog post. *Even now also already too much haha* So do go there and tag yourself okay?

I hereby wanna thanks Alan Lim and Ms Seow from LG ever since we first met in LG Blog Launch party.
Life is really good after I know you guys ;p

Life is Good~! Please do visit http://lgblog.com.my more often kay? Comment below for giveaway that you wanna get from LG Blog, cos it has been a long time haven't do a giveaway for all LG fans~!


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