The Glamorous Music Concert “魅力四射”音樂會 | Shaw Parade

大樂樂實驗樂團 Vivo Experimental Orchestra(VEO) has successfully presented us their "魅力四射 Glamorous Music Concert" @ Shaw Parade at one good night. Almost all the seats are taken and I do enjoy their music because it is not those kind of traditional Chinese Orchestra. It is full of youth I can tell.

Like how they design the poster, telling us it would be a fun music concert

Was there to be one of the photographers, so my ticket for this concert is FREE~! Wakaka ;p

#1 A good opening as they mimic the frogs sound

#2 Most of the pictures taken showing them smiling and having fun. This is the kind of photo I like to take. So tell me which photo do you like the most okay? =D

#3 Colourful clothes and also socks~!


#5 Happy crowd =D

#6 The one who responsible for the slides

#7 A very supportive audience esp the kid

#8 Like how she present herself. A funny and talented leader in VEO






#14 Found this stuff on the stage, wonder what it is

#15 People don't use Gehu anymore because it need a big piece of snake's skin

#16 Smile is contagious








#24 This is how my buddy Matthew looks like when he play emo song. Haha

#25 A lady can become very cute when tie her hair like that
PS: Got age limitation one ar, aunty don't do this pls




#29 super sweet smile

#30 Happy faceS



#34 What is that gift?



#37 So fast concert end oledi

#38 Comment and feedback

So tell me which photo do you like the most?? Join VEO's Fanpage here kay?Must play this video as Teacher Wumi is going to sing "Only you in my heart" yo!! =D

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