Kem Modal Insan Agro-Tourism Homestay in Melaka: Part 1

First of all, thanks to NewsZapped media and Feeq for inviting me to this Melaka Homestay. To be exact it is Kem Modal Insan Agro-Tourism Homestay in Melaka (Kampung Parit in Sungai Rambai, Jasin). It was a two days trip and we get the chance to experience what does it feels like when a person stay in kampung. I am from Melaka town but I never live in a Malay Kampung before, so i can say some of the thing happened during the journey does attracted me.

"Homestay Kampung Parit Penghulu telah ditubuhkan sejak awal 2006 hasil idea dan usaha En. Suparman Hj. Abu yang mendapat kerjasama erat dari kalangan penduduk desa. Matlamat penubuhannya adalah untuk menjadikan kampung ini sebagai salah satu destinasi pelancongan di Negeri Melaka disamping memberi peluang masyarakat kampung melibatkan diri dalam industri pelancongan."

Kem Modal Insan Agro-Tourism Homestay was established early in 2006. The purpose of this homestay is to make the kampung as another point of interest for travel who drop by Melaka. You can experience how orang kampung live in a place that is so close to nature yet not lack of important facilities. I can say it is a free and lazy trip for me.

James Yeang (@friedbeef) was there for the Melaka Homestay trip too. One good thing for bloggers to travel together is we will have more opportunity to chat and exchange opinion about the blogsphere. Of course can get some tips of blogging from the professional too~!

This is the picture you need to recognize if you drive to there by ourselves. Luckily we were all fetch by bus =D

We were late but still welcomed by people playing their "kompang".

With two kids leading the way

Escort us with smile =)

Here are fellow bloggers that joined this trip~

Had a warm welcome speech by Encik Handsome (Sry forgot name ;p)

We were feed with curry puff, kuih-muih and also durians~! Durian kampung have different taste one ar. Can you see the spirit of bloggers snapping photo of durian? haha

We are live in a place that is so close to nature, so inevitable flies are abundant insects that you will see in kampung area. I am sure people living in city will get scared of eating food that has been "kissed" by the flies.

How many flies? Watch yourself ;p

However it can't stop us eating the durians =)

All of the bloggers were divided into different foster parents house. Me, James and David Jr. from Malaysia Asia go back with the same foster parent.

Introducing PakcikHaji Salaman who is already 78 years old with 9 children living all around the states~!

This is his wife that is cooking lunch for us =D

How does a kampung house looks like? The roof top was made by both wood and zinc roof top.

Part of the living room

Here's our room but I choose to sleep at the living room.

You don't usually see people use flies sticker trap in the city right?

The house is kinda huge even it is just single storey.

Handmade broom by using the leaves of coconut

Kampung house has natural light illumination through the roof. It safe electricity and it is very bright too =)

This is our first kampung dish as our lunch =D


After lunch we have our first visit to the rubber tree estate, see how monkey pick the coconut, how to do salted egg, how to catch the eel and much much more activity! Stay tuned~!


  1. haha u really record it.. I tot u play2 XD

    Btw, fly picture damn funny XD

  2. [FeeQ]
    Haha since when I bluff you before ar? ;p
    Thanks for the comment haha~

  3. so setelah merasai pengalaman duduk di kampung. mcm mana rasanya?? best x?? malam sejuk x?? adakah sejuk dr bandar?? hehehe..
    x perlu pakai air cond kan??
    saya juga rindu dgn kampung....huhuhu

  4. [Sumijelly]
    Pagi, petang panas, tapuii malam sejuk sial dengan nyamuk ;p
    pergilah kunjung Melaka homestay?

  5. so nice! i miss my granny's village in kuching ler.. T__T

  6. [Atreyu strange]
    woot woot sorry i missed out ur comments =S

    U can go back Kuching with the flying ticket that you are having now =D

  7. so setelah merasai pengalaman duduk di kampung. mcm mana rasanya?? best x?? malam sejuk x?? adakah sejuk dr bandar?? hehehe..
    x perlu pakai air cond kan??
    saya juga rindu dgn kampung....huhuhu


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