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#asianbsmc vs Clive Magazine 2nd Anniversary [Sneak Peek]

Asian Bloggers Social Media Conference has call to an end and I would like to say I enjoyed most of the topic discussed very much especially Joyce Wong's creativity on writing a blog post in unique way, Niki Cheong's "Journalist versus Bloggers" topic that I think in future both will somehow combined together and become "Journallister" "Blogganalist" or whatever new term, KennySia's straight to the point on what bloggers want and what are the more appropriate way for marketing people to approach bloggers+++

There are more interesting speakers that I would like to share on another day =)

A picture of some of the panelists. Feel a bit disappointed when the Q&A session was forced to canceled due to certain circumstances.

KennySia's happy + funny face when listen to @blogie's speech.
*This is the happy face*


After #asianbsmc I went to Zouk for Clive Magazine 2nd Anniversary Party. Five pretty+ gorgeous cover girls of Clive Magazine Malaysia were there to celebrate the anniversary together with all of us.

Thankfully with the helps of social media (Twitter), I was able to get closer with new friends and this somehow make it easier for me to take photos with Elvanna Rain 汪芷榆, one of my favourite female celebrity =D I have no regrets for being an active social media evangelist! So start follow her twitter now @elvraine.

Do you know it is easier to approach someone through Twitter? So for those who haven't have a Twitter account, you should start get one now!!

PS: You can earn money while you tweet too. ChurpChurp is the way~!

Remember, participate in social media now~! *slides done by KennySia*

There is another thing that I learned today from #asianbsmc, brand yourself and also your blog!! So please do follow my blog RSS/Google Reader/Twitter and etc.

"Look at the brightside. my site~!"

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)