World Cup Street Party | Bangsar Telawi 3

Here is a longer post of World Cup Street Party organized in Bangsar. Lots of people heading to hear and I think almost all are over 18 years old because some people look so young. Luckily there wasn't any raid.

Blue Lotus Exige S

Was there with Amelia, Hafez nad Sam.

I was told by one of the event personal that DSLR is not allowed in the! So from now on all photo are taken using my new Blackberry 9700. How I wish they got inform all of us earlier so that no need so ma fan.

You just need to guess how many balls was around the Lotus then you might just be the lucky 5 to participate in the Win Lotus game.

*Cynthia Chung from P1 presenting the prize*

First booth that we all visited is the P1 booth. The brand new P1 Wimax enabled laptops were there too. I just simply guess what is the creature inside the jelly box and I won a P1 bag. (Last time got purple/pink from Nuffnang, now I got green color one)

There is a guy "kissing" guy games called Midfield. You just need to transfer the ball to opposite field then you can get a chance to win iTouch, netbook, MP3 Player and much much more~! Saw some of the people bite the ball. Eww...

This is my dinner, some seafood fried rice that cost me RM6. Ok la not as expensive as other event.

Tutti Fruiti RM10 voucher. Nice offer but it is not a cheap food.

With as little as this frozen yogurts it cost me RM11.60++

They already have four branches around the town and I guess it is another hot place to visit after Old Town Kopitiam people get tired of it.

Noticed our hand were super red because of the colour jelly from P1 booth.

Now I can fill in the marks: Netherlands vs Spain (0-1) as Paul the octopus predicted.

Met two new friends, BeeBee and her boyfriend.

You can get your free Face painting at a few booths available.

There are local artists who perform that night. One of them is @CapriceTV

Even Caprice's dancer was there to entertain the crowd of Worldcup too

Happened to bump into Nicholas Chay from Nuffnang =)
*Where is she? =D*

Free flow were available all across the event from 8PM until the game finish. People do get drunk because of the generous sponsors.

Here are just part of the crowd

Generous sponsor: Carlsberg

Thanks Bacardi who makes people get drunk right now right now

Many people thought it is very easy to blow Vuvuzela. But they are wrong, you need special technicque to learn how to blow it. It is funny when Amelia said," I don't know how to blow..." and someone replied, "You need to!"

Glad that the event have Medical Team

Was standing just beside the Keruai air conditioner located besides the bar. It is super hot inside and I guess this is the place where I caught my fever. It wasn't as cold as it is but at least still got wind blowing to the crowd la.

5 lucky people were selected among all the answers guessing how many football beside the Lotus. They need to complete a Lotus car puzzle to win it.

Happy that this lady is smart to win the new car!! Congratz!! I wonder she will sell it to buy a new house or drive by herself? High maintenance wei!

People start sitting down to watch the match and I can say it is kinda boring.

There are people who even just sleep on the floor! Maybe he is drunk, or maybe it is just because of the boring game.

Thankfully they have Orange and Apple Juice besides all the free flow.

I was freaking tired after standing for so long, too lazy until don't wanna take photo =S Didn't expect to watch the whole boring game too. here is the video capture when Spain win. See the crowd!

World Cup Street Party in Bangsar when Spain Win

We are now heading back sending people home. Amelia is a good person=D

Then we go for breakfast because it is freaking 6AM in the morning and sun is already coming out!

See? Even father and son wake up prepared for school and work already

Thanks Amelia for fetching me across the event and really appreciate that. Do drop by Amelia's blog!

The morning sun is nice reflect from the building.

But the traffic is not so nice because apparently not all people watched the World Cup final or even apply for a day leave.

Anyhow it is a very good day for my two neighbour's doggy because.....

Gotcha! Too bad Paul the octopus already retired, or else he would able to predict this!


  1. adui! tq for keep praise me nia.. until i *shy shy* jor.... btw so u dam fast blog it liow.. i still not time yet..


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