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What If I’m a Russian Spy

Hi there, this is TianChad who working as a Russian Spy. Shhh...Don't tell anybody he is working here!! There is this one big reason of why he is doing this.

He get to drive speed car Porsche GX3 like James Bond the secret agent!

One day he received a secret letter telling him the next mission to be done. He'll explain this mission through a video below.

Okay he need to go Penang to accomplish this mission! So he better choose his partner to make his job easier. This time which one should he choose? The fast runner or the eater?

The Chipmunk Agent - Which one would you pick??

On the way to Penang, they encounter the big monstrous snake but luckily he know how to deal with it. *Because he learned from the latest Karate Kids movie*

At last he reached Penang safely and managed to find this Chee Hiang's Dao Sa Bao/Pia. The guy is still smiling when he quietly steal it ;p

TianChad's mission was accomplished as he passed a box of "Dao Sa Bao/Pia" to the Nuffie XinXian!!

Along the whole trip it was so tired as he need to keep changing clothes and location so that no one can recognize him as a spy!! *Thanks to Chipmunk who snapped photo of him, yeap that's his job*

How he wish his mission was to bring back something free? It is way more easy!

PS: This post is to take part in Nuffnang's SALT Blogging Contest. Hope he can get a reward as what the letter mentioned! Maybe a sunny sunglasses would do? =D

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