8TV Final Showdown 2010 @ KL Live Centre

Arrived KL Live Centre for Final Showdown 2010 around 7PM ++ and it has already full with people. There were 8TV Crews there to give out freebies like Vitagen, VIP Tickets, magazines. They are damn semangat!!

Even parents with baby also was here to support the event. Shh, don't talk so loud...

TuXoon was one of the winners who get FREE VIP Passes from here and he did enjoy the live show =D *There are actually people who want to buy VIP Passes for showdown you know?! Thanks LG for the free tickets.*

Yay manage to meet ZherPeen in person and take photo with her ;p

That night was the Final Showdown of Giller Battle Crew, Floor Fever and Wakaka Crew on 8TV. Broadcast live in KL Life Centre.

Hafiz Hatim is the emcee

Nowadays our society has widely accepted guy who dressed like girl, even if he looks not pretty enough. PS: Only for show and performance ar

Here is the video of Wakaka Crews doing Waka Waka dance. Kinda creative with the flying down.

Below are some of the performance done by GBC, FF and WKK:
The opening

Floor Fever's colourful wonderland

Full of expression. Like it =)

Each and every Floor Fever member have different outfit.

The final showdown was so great that big music band was there too.

Colourful sports wear on Wakaka Crews

Kinda sad when I saw this lovely couple blocked the view. Go hug at somewhere else ma =S

One of the creative choreography. Dance with the shadow!!

Giller Battle Crew - How to dance with a chair?

Every dance crews will feel happy when the judges said their choreography are nice =)

Top 6 finalists were there to perform as well. They are all the nice dance crews~!

With the public votes, Floor Fever was out during the final. This means it is now battle between GBC and WKK!!

It was a tough dance battle and we all hope the battle could be longer! Both team's votes has been reset to zero and they need to start it over again.

During the waiting time, Tomok was there to perform

Some speeches given by both team to thanks their supporters and especially people who voted for them.

The moment Hafiz announced the results

The love between father and son

Congratz to Wakaka Crews for winning Malaysia first Showdown in 2010. They really deserve it as during the final battle they did lots of team choreograph which win votes over their fans.

Hope you guys enjoy the whole Showdown season and take part in the next new season of Showdown!!

For more photos of Showdown Final, please visit my Facebook Fanpage @ here!!


  1. wow...you went!!! i missed it...my fren was sick tat day....

  2. [V!Vi@n]
    Taking care of your friend okay? =) You still can switch on 8TV to watch this~

  3. **Foot Print**
    Wah... why singapore got no such event?-.-
    Thanks for your nanged.!
    I've Nanged and clicked on ur ads!

  4. Wahh~ U went? (T.T)
    I oni watched on tv..

  5. [Kelicious]
    Singapore got more concert I guess??
    Thanks for the nang and clicks on ads ar ;p

    [Dewi Batrishya]
    Next time stay tune on my blog or LG blog, might have more invites to give out ;p

  6. Wahh~ U went? (T.T)
    I oni watched on tv..


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