Yise Loo Desperado MV Full Version | 罗忆诗 Desperado MV 完整版

罗忆诗 Yise Loo Desperado MV完整版

I remember the first time I know about Yise Loo was when she is acting in one of the NTV7 Chinese TV Series. She was acting as a tomboy but I know she can be a pretty girl la haha. The first thing that attracted me is Yise's voice, that time I haven't know that she can sing so well! =D

So today wanna share about her new song "Desperado". Kind easy to catch up the lyrics and easy to sing. Like the Desperado MV especially the bokeh effects. The director for this MV is Ryan Lai 赖恩 and I did some screeshoot from the MV to share his arts of work.

The male actor/model is Adrian Chee 徐康智 who was the winner for Malaysia First Men's Uno Model Search. All because of Yise's special request for handsome actor. Haha! If you haven't notice, Calvin Hee also acted in an MV which involved some intimate scene too. [Calvin Hee @ 黄威尔《寂寞•城市》音樂愛情短片]

So my advice for guys who wanna be famous and success in both modeling and acting career. You should try join the upcoming Men's Uno Model Search okay?? I have blogged about the first Malaysia Men's Uno Model Search Contest.

When a person feel lonely and get drunk on the same time, it can leads to two person become one. Have you encountered this experience before?

I guess it is good to be a MV actor. Isn't it? You can kiss without feeling guilty~! =D

Intimate scene of Desperado MV

Happy moment between Yise Loo and Adrian Chee

The book written by “玻璃人”作家陈静琪 was featured in this MV too. It is a motivating book entitled "找不到足跡的快樂人生路" VK Victory sharing stories about how she encounter the sickness Osteogenesis Imperfecta and look at the brightside. I salute her!!

Sometimes guy prefer to choose freedom than his girlfriend. Which is so called Playboy. This is the moment where Yise Loo found out his "boyfriend" was cheating.

So the end of the story is all about Desperado. I guess most of the guys do need a strong will to be able to control themselves when encounter certain temptation. Are you a guy which can withstand those temptation?

罗忆诗 2010 全新大碟 "动静"
摄影:Victor WaiTuck
演员:罗忆诗/ Adrian Chee/ Michelle Lee
词:子斌/ 罗忆诗
专辑制作: 郑可望/王诗豪
特别鸣谢:陈静琪 "找不到足迹的快乐人生路"

Desperado Lyrics:
你喜欢 没约束的生活
你给的 像丛林的野火

你就这样潇洒地走 别再回头
留下的请你都带走 全都带走

你没错 是我太寂寞
爱得越多 你越是想逃脱

你就这样潇洒地走 别再回头
留下的请你都带走 全都带走
还能怎么做 你选者自由 无话可说

你就这样潇洒地走 别再回头
留下的请你都带走 全都带走


Support Yise Loo, support her music~! You can now sing her song at Neway now~!

Here are some of the funny pictures shared by the director Ryan Lai 赖恩

Adrian Chee covering his important spot. Haha!

The moment before Yise Loo "eat" Adrian Chee (or the other way round)

Like this photo haha. All the best to Yise Loo's music and acting career~! You can join Yise Loo's Facebook Fanpage to support her music!!

PS: All photo are belongs to respective personnel and I am just promoting her song ar. If the owner feel that there are pictures which is not suitable to appear on my blog, please do contact me personally to remove it kay? Other wise, enjoy the MV Desperado~!


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