A&W What's Your Story Contest Final Winners!!

Harlo all, this post would be full of photos of A&W What's Your Story Contest Event. Why? Cos I like to take photo and share it~!! Glad to have photo with A&W Mascot, his name called Great Rot Bear Hunter bear? make sure you have time to read my loooong post kay?

I was there to accompany MsXeroz aka Nicole Chua

And as a photographer for her and my blog too =D

The event is kinda grand as lots of dining table were set up and decorated.

Happy to have unlimited FREE A&W + multiple floats~! *sinful*

Here is the stage

Some of the dishes

Nicole being interview in the day before final

There are overall 10 contestants including both video and written category

Mr Ewe Chor Teik bring along a lot of props when telling his story

Rachel Beh's very active performance

That made the crowd laughed

Nadia binti Mohamad Hatta has a very sweet smile when she present

Nicole Chua presented with confidence
*Might upload her on stage performance later*

Norashikin Binti Abu Bakar is full of emotion
*Background music with "You Raise Me Up"**

Double hands up for Goh Lin Lin as she did a very well performance on stage

She did Wonder Girl's Nobody dance too

Mr. Zukri Valenteno wear his old time school uniform

Mohd Hafifi Bin Abu Bakar was from Penang thanking the organizer for the hotel stay

Mohd Shafieq Bin Ishak was kinda nervous during his presentation =) 14 years old only yo

Thong Chern Yau has a simple but warming presentation. His video contain 1Malaysia elements and special birthday celebration for her colleague too. Watch his video as below:


All 10 contestants has finished their presentation and awards were given to the judges (Ms. P. Selvarani Parasuraman, Mr Azhar Borhan and Puan Fauziah Nawi) as an appreciation.

NTV7 was their official TV Channel Sponsor

She was very nervous when announcing the winner =D Glad that she won~

My buddy Nicole Chua won the 2nd prize

Winners for Written Category:
  • 1st Prize Winner: Goh Lin Lin
  • 2nd Prize Winner: Nadia binti Mohamad Hatta
  • 3rd Prize Winner: Zukri Valenteno
  • Consolation Prize Winner: Ewe Chor Teik and Norashikin Binti Abu Bakar

Winners for Video Category:
  • 1st Prize Winner: Thong Chern Yau
  • 2nd Prize Winner: Chua Yi Ling
  • 3rd Prize Winner: Beh Phaik In
  • Consolation Prize Winner:Mohd Hafifi Bin Abu Bakar and Mohd Shafieq Bin Ishak

A big group photo~

I also took my chance to take photo with Dato' Jalaluddin Hassan !!!
He is such a good emcee and actor too!! I can see he is able to mimic every contestant just when they are standing besides him. He is funny too! Haha

Not forgetting the VVIPs that arrived to support the event

1st Prizes Winners were being interviewed

Met another blogger there Soo Wei Siong =)

Camwhore moment with Rachel Beh aka JingJing

Like the colourful fruit tarts

But this A&W IceCream + Waffle owns me totally

The waffle are all freshly made that s why you can try the real "Hot & Cold". I wish can eat that in each and every branch of A&W. Hope they can do it as they did.

Nicole is so happy that she won a PINK Acer Aspire One laptop. Pink is her favourite color between =)

Remember to visit Nicole's blog @ www.msxeroz.com

While on way home her balloon was accidentally floated into the sky. Bye bye~

Luckily mine is still safe~!! That's all for the story of A&W, if you want to see more photo please drop by my blog fanpage TianChad @ 永遇乐 for more photos~!

Between, have you play before with a Helium balloons? You should try it from the ballons~

SNSD tried it before, and one of my friend did it too!! Might upload the video too. Hahaha~

Updated: Here is my friend RedButtockz who had fun with the Helium Ballon. I really LOL at that moment XD Enjoy~!!
Remember to like to video if it makes you laughed~!


  1. "is is name called Hunter bear? " No, A&W mascot is called the GReat Root Bear.

    TQ for becoming the photographer!!!

  2. [MsXeroz]
    Great Root Bear. Okay change it now~!
    You are welcome my friend =D

  3. hahahahaha ~ i watch ahwern in "chipmunk" version and laugh in office, my colleagues tot i sot jor .. LOL !!

    good post btw... and CONGRATZ nicola ~ !! ^^

  4. [Rachelkoko]
    Wakaka ;p Luckily passed Wern's permission to share the laugh ;p

    I think I saw you too!! Sorry forgot your name that time so didnt say hi ;p

  5. [Rachelkoko]
    Wakaka ;p Luckily passed Wern's permission to share the laugh ;p

    I think I saw you too!! Sorry forgot your name that time so didnt say hi ;p


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