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McDonald Supersized. Double and Healthy?

Nowadays you can order McFillet Fish, Mc Chicken and even BIG MAC with more meats inside. So I guess this is how the new McDonald mascot should looks like. The Supersized McDonald! Damn short and fat because this is a 5 years old McDonald because of excess fast food since he was young. Too bad no taller version because he might not survive as long as you think.

*Supersized McDonald in one of the shop in Bangsar Village*

Imagine when you unzip him can see multiple "moobs" and "tire"! I think a person should eat fast food once in a while but not every time you have McLunch, McBreakfast, McDinner kay? It is really unhealthy and really does shorten your lifespan.

Oh ya one more thing, Supersized Mcdonald can't see his own little "willy" without a mirror because he is too phat. Think twice if you wanna eat fast food.

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)