PeiYing's Sis Birthday Party

On 26th of Dec, me and Marccus + Yan Ni were the only invited to Pei Ying's Sister Birthday Party
She can't invited more because it is PeiYing's SISTER party

Alot of foods were provided
Got Steamboat, Homemade Pizza, FrenchFry, Fried Chicken Satay + Nugget, Jelly and Ribena+Orange Mixed Juice
And "Xi-Mi Lu" @ 西米露
(Forgot what it called in english again)

We actually arrived early so we start cam-whore
This picture is naturally split into two ;p
Zhi Kang + Pei Ying, Yan Ni + Me

Now is Marccus's turn to take photo

While we are still waiting, Yan Ni start to grab a Nugget stick to eat
Working is tiring and make people hungry what ;p

Congratz to the new pair of couple ;p
Pei Ying with her mom, the big cook

After we had finished the foods, and watching the Spiderman 3 @ ASTRO for one hour ++
The birthday cake at last came out
Got two birthday star.
Pei Ying's Sister, Pei Wen and her friend

As usual, picking out the candle

Now is her friend turn ;p
Look how nice the cake is?!

The cake gone...~

At here, it is a tradition for the birthday girl/boy to be smacked on the cake
While it is a tradition for birthday boy at Singapore to be smacked on the tiang.
Does it happen to Singapore girls too?

Now I know why JJ 林俊杰 can sing well at high pitch!!

I wonder the birthday party is to make the birthday boy happy? Or his friend
Look all his friend, so happy wor!!

This is Pei Wen, the birthday girl ;p
She also cant run away from being smacked
Or smack herself with the cake.
Those are her happy fella friends~

For sure I will take a group photo with her mom before we left ;p
But still can't get a group photo with her sis
* This photo can be cropped again as the new couple getting so close*
*Until Marccus need to stay away*

Since the night is still young, we plan to go mamak "lim teh"
And Pei Ying said her mum sure don't allow her to go
We tried to ask for her mom permission and failed

BUT amazingly after a while she was allowed to go out with us for the first time
For a late night "lim-teh" event ;p
Her mom keep telling us not to let her drink tea/coffee because she really can't sleep after have it.

This will be a good start for Pei Ying to start go out late

We went to a mamak and enjoy the night.

Marccus + Zhi Kang
Yan Ni + Pei ying + Me

We stay until 1 AM ++ and called it a day as Saturday is still a working day for me and Pei Ying~
At least ,we enjoy ourself in the party and the mamak!!

Two more days to be 2009!!
Good night~


Anonymous said…
haha, really pity that guy kena smash one. pain...
TianChad田七 said…
The most I remember is he ate the cake on his face
He sure feel very waste by smashing him on the expensive cake ;p
Ying ying said…
omg omg nw only i check bck ur blog leh, hoh, said bout me n zee kang la...nvm la, nw my parents n sum relative knw i gt bf ard...scary...haha
TianChad田七 said…
Who cares?
Ur family member didn't read my blog what ;p

Summore said about u and him is good ar!

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