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Brussels Beer Cafe @ Jaya One

On day x of Dec, Me, Marccus and Beh went to Brussels Beer Cafe at Jaya One

This souvenir store open till 11PM++
They are selling alot of hand-made + art stuff

This is one of the Christmas Tree between Brussels Beer Cafe and Starbuck
and a flash of waiter
And a cane made Christmas Tree around the corner

Decoration on top

I ordered mocktail while they ordered cocktail
I remember mine called "TenderBerry"
and Marccus's is Chocolate flavor
Forgot what is Beh's flavor...Maybe called Blueberry?
TenderBerry tasted like berry with a little alcohol and it is nice!

Actually the purpose we go there is because Beh said here got alot of "正妹"
And Beh always need to recharge himself after work, how?
By searching and focusing on "leng lui"

I did saw a few
And saw a women wearing Cheongsam go into the cafe with her friends~!
Maybe it is just after her wedding.
Or her daughter's wedding??
Who knows?~

Me with my
TenderBerry Mocktail

Marccus with his Chocolate cocktail

And Beh with his LUMIX FX-38 ;p
Hope he able to snap some girls photo to recharge his battery

Toilet at Jaya One is also well designed.
In Men's washroom you can enjoy the view while you are doing your business.
Which plant you want to irrigate?
Would there be an aquarium in Woman's washroom?

Just for a while, finished our drink

Beh and Marccus then ordered more drinks.
A Leffe and Hoegaarden

"Abbaye Se Abdij van"
What does it mean?

At the end, unluckily we were not drunk.
So went back to home and have a good night sleep that day
Next time I will try

Ohya...anyone know the difference btw Mocktail and Cocktail?
Curious ;p

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)