Melaka Travel by Melaka's Kakiis

Probably this event was held on 6th of December
Since Jia Xian is bringing his friend to Melaka's POI (Point of interest)
We decided to meet at “Restaurant Satay Celup BAN LEE SIANG”
It become more famous until “Restoran Satay Celup ZAO JIUU (潮州)”
open beside it

So, for those who can't find this BAN LEE SIANG, just look for their neighbour big signboard

Basically I'm not sure which shop is better as I haven't eat at "ZAO JIUU" before
BUT BAN LEE SIANG would not be a bad choice.

Just look at the crowds waiting for seats...

Jian Song, Yong Liang, Ming Wei arrived first and followed by Jia Xian and his friend cK.

It is abit different compared to last time I eat Satay Celup.
This time the "basic foods" will be serve to us while special/ additional satays can obtained from two other fridges.

Have you seen before the "Satay Celup Bowl"?
This is where we dip our foods inside and...
I wonder how many people's saliva has been added and mixed with the satay "kuah" and peanuts at the bottom!
But...when you are hungry, who care?

Probably there might have other shop that change the "kuah" for every new customer next time.

After the snacks, we went to Yong Kuan's house since no one at his house ;p
Jian Song playing with the laser equiped gun

There we fooling around with Yong Kuan's gun collection
Got 1 M16 which was 1:1 to the real one.
Have the same weight, the same design.
The only difference is it was not equiped with real bullets.

Since the night is still young, Yong Kuan give us an idea to travel to the
"Eye of Malaysia" which moved from KL to here.
Before that, grp photo was taken.
Jia Xian's face expression is best suited with his gun.

This is the enormous Eye on Malaysia which located at the side of the sea.
Different colours at different time ~
Which one is your favourite colour?
Compared to Singapore Flyer, which one is better?

I tried to take "artistic" photo since there are free spot lights

Saw some professional phographer with their tri-pods
Sure can have better still photo than mine ;p

This would be one of the cubicles for people to get a close-look

After staying there for some time.
Yong Kuan decided to cross the new bridge along Melaka River and we just followed
It is a dead end for car to passing through since the area is still under construction
Initially we saw a car try to cross this bridge while they saw us walking on the bridge
Then got more cars did the same thing after saw the first car crossing the bridge
Therefore it ends up alot of cars crossing the dead end bridge and make U-turn again n again
Wonder how many cars doing the samething and when will this bad cycle end.

This is the bridge I mean
Did you saw the lightning which made the sky so purple?

When we walking along the bridge
Initially I thought it was a dead end but found out that it is connected to the
"Maritime Museum" of Melaka
Jia Xian said this is a good place to date
A new dock was build beside the ship. Probably next time the Melaka Cruise will stop by here.

Posing at part of the Melaka World Heritage City Map
Mainly focus on the Melaka River

Yong Kuan- the Boss
Ming Wei - the trishaw Kuli
Found this trishaw parking at at side of Melaka River
Won't the owner worried if someone stole it?

Since we are near to Red-House area, and Jia Xian's friend, cK is here.
We decided to continue the trip and go to find the red house

Saw some photographer student taking photo at there.
Then we moved on to the "Jonker Street"

Shops is closing when we were there and it is already 12 PM ++

After the LONG journey, we were abit hungry and go to Mamak Store - Limbongang burger

The food serving speed is super duper slow.
But because of that we are able to meet Wei Qiang and Qi Xian there
I don't know why Wei Qiang keep being shoot once he was there ;p

After more than one hours of waiting, here come the "Special Burger"

And the Chinese "Mian Fen Gao"

After finished our very time-consuming processed food
It is already 2 AM...Tired
We walked back to Yong Kuan house and call it a day.

Sometimes a simple event can be special and surprising
Initially it is just a simple gathering but ends up become a Melaka Trips at NIGHT ;p
Thanks Yong Kuan for his idea to visit the Eye On Malaysia and all of this.
I believe alot of people staying in Melaka haven't travel to these place
So...After read my post, does that make you want to travel? ;p
Hope it did~


  1. What a wonderful night that we have created! As we are growing day by day, we may find less joy in our lives, but eventually happiness is just around everywhere, simply with a grateful heart.

    Will there be a 2nd chance?
    Ask Ah Kuan or date a girl, lolx

  2. wa.. the Jonker Street looks interesting~ kekeke

  3. wow..i will travel to here in the future, haha...that;s time tian chad can be my great guide d.

  4. [JX]
    Yes we did :)
    And there will be a second chance
    With you bringing your gf!

    jonker Street is a must go place for everyone who visit Malacca ;p

    Need to walk one ho ;p

  5. fine..haha, wlk often in the UK, get used to it


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