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BOLT (2008)

Went to watch "Bolt" with Marccus today.
Ate A&W again ;p

This time Walt Disney created a nice animation again ;p
In the above picture they are Rhino, Bolt, and Mitten (From left to right)

Bolt thought that he was a super-power dog since he was young.
This is because he was isolated from the real-life and live with his fantasy.
Bolt only figured out he wasn't a superdog after get into real life and met Mitten.

Rhino is a super fans of Bolt and feel really honored when he can see the real Bolt and cooperate with him to find Penny, Bolt's master.
Rhino loves Bolt's ultimate skill - "SuperBark"
And somehow Bolt did it in reallife coincidentally ;p
In this movie Rhino speak out some great sentences, especially when Bolt figured out he wasn't a superdog.
Rhino managed to make Bolt look on the brightside! ;p

Whereas for Mitten, she was dumped by her master for no reason and living in the street by herself.
Sometime life is unpredictable, you can't expect what happened always follow your will.
So, as now economic crisis getting serious.
We must wake up now and noticed that the reality is the reality and get started to ready-up and protect yourself from get into the crisis.

What we can do now is to think outside the box and figure out how to earn extra money instead of keep thinking saving money.

Haha, how do I go to that topic?
Back to "BOLT", I would rate this movie as 7/10 because of the story line and different unique character.
Good night~

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)