Melaka Travel by Melaka's Kakiis [2]

Due to my amnesia symptom, I left my camera in Jia Xian's car for a night
I only noticed that I when i wake up on the next day~!
Probably yesterday Melaka Night Trip too exhausting...

Luckily my camera doesn't attract any thief/snatcher.
It survive and I able to get it back
Since we need to meet, while Jia Xian's friend want to visit Daytime Melaka
He invited me to join the "Daylight Melaka Trip"
For sure I participated since nothing to do at home also.
Grandparents go holiday at Singapore
(And Singaporean come to Melaka pulak)

First stop, we want to meet with Jia Xian's ex-working buddy and friends
At the Famous Chicken Rice Ball Shop - 中华茶室(海南鸡饭)
First time saw the long queue extending to the bridge outside of the shop

This Chicken Rice Shop is just beside the Jonker Street's entry
So, go to this shop if you want tastier Chicken Rice compared to another Chicken Rice Shop located in the middle of the Jonker Street

That day Jonker Street also "People Mountain People Sea"
Flooded with cars and foot passenger!

After wait for a while, we met Jia Xian's friends and went to
"Tan's Nyonya Food Store"
"Donald and Lily"

I have provided you the price for each item
Their famous food is the Mee Siam and Cendol
They also provide special foods at different day~
Please click the picture for larger view ;p

This is what we ordered
"Curry Ikan Pari-pari" the tastiest order

Not forgetting taking a group photo for Jia Xian and his friends

Later on, we split up and we went to the red house area.
We saw a to be-married couple taking their wedding pictures.
Can you spot them out?

This is the Melaka Christ Church
Saw a "pro-grapher" taking picture

The Water Fountain + The Groom and the Bride + The curious Childrens + The Church
Forget the communication tower

Suddenly we saw something special, crowds of people taking picture of the bride
throwing her flower to the next lucky women

And then tons of female tourist want to take photo with the bride
Are they dropping a hint to their husband?
"Next time let us have a better wedding ceremony, I wanna wear that dress!"
Hope their husband get the hint

After that, we start climbing up to the mountain to another spot
Inside this picture got "Taming Sari Tower", "Eye of Malaysia" and the "Portugese Ship"

Yong Kuan is searching for the secret button
This is the result of watching too much "National Treasure" ;p

The day after rain, the flower blooms,
Now we are there, to take a shoot.

Saw a lovely couple holding hands together
Are they close friend or really a couple??

Flowery land

cK was summoned by god at
"The slab of the crave of Frau van Reibeck wife of John van Reibeck
Founder of Cape Colony"
What a long name...

Different country currency found in the well

Here is the singer raising money since I was young
I wonder when will he sing

"Mam~ma Mia~ Here I Go Again~"

Jia Xian was impressed with his Two Tiger Song “两只老虎”
And gave him some tips

Be natural be creative ;p

I like this shoot ;p

Going down we arrived the Melaka Ancientry

Here is the "Iguana Papa"
I believe at night he work as a part-time Santa
See his belly!!

After walking a long distance, Yong Kuan was tired and this is the emotion he showed
So I now pronounce Yong Kuan = Uncle Lim~!

This is a lucky shot, the Melaka so called "Petrol Horse Police"
is wandering around Red House
She showed us a sweet smile :)

This is Uncle Lim sitting on the sofa happily
"At last I can sit on a sofa waiting for the Christmas~", Uncle Lim said.

A cross on the well/grave

At the mean time, we decided to go on Melaka Taming Sari Tower for 360 degrees sight seeing
50% Discount for all MY-Card Holder

Traffic Jam at the road between "Pahlawan Megamall" and "Mahkota Parade"
Seems like Hari Haji should have a crowded road.
I mean crowded Melaka!

Swimming pool besides A&W
Can you spot the girl wearing the bikini? ;p
The RM 10 per trip is worth to spend because you can see nearly whole Melaka Point of Interest


Scene jumped, we are now at Jia Xian house.
His mom cook alot of dishes and they tasted so good ;p
A lot of sotongs and big prawns from Sabah/Sarawak
And home made “菜包”
Thanks for the dinner ;p

Again, group photo was taken ;p

Basically after the dinner we plan to bring cK to Jonker Street but he seems getting not well and keep visiting the toilet
Therefore we are not able to bring him along and go to meet SM3R friends as scheduled
We were big late due to traffic jam.

Since cK was not there and SM3R kakiis already like rabbits in the warren in Jonker Street for a long time waiting for us.
Location was changed to "Mamak Kota Laksamana"

Initially we sit at the outside.
But it rain suddenly and we need to move into the shop
This is Xiang Yao, Wen Feng, and Jian Song

And Jia Xian - The Daytime Tour Guide
Yong Kuan- The Night Tour Guide
Me - The Photographer for the two days Melacca Trips ;p

In short, I am happy that I went back to Melaka and went out for this special trip
Thanks for everyone who joined this event
Especially Jia Xian and Uncle Lim!
I will remember this :)

At last I finished the post!! KLCC PC Fair coming up~!!
Stay Tune!


  1. Great post with a lot of beautiful memories!
    Melaka Travel by Melaka's Kakiis, a must "do thing" in 21st! haha

  2. Haha, the ikan pari pari looks tasty~~

    The police riding horse one so nice ler. they can chase bad guy and hit them using horse leg. keke.

  3. [JX]
    You are now 21st, not young not old.
    New life experience!

    It is tasty, it was finish "sapu" by just a blink.

    I am afraid when they are chasing the bad guy they still need to pose for traveler camera ;p


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