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Dec 31st 2008

Yay Dec 31st has arrived!!
A big day for me!!

Just now went to find old friend around Bukit Beruang
And have some drinks at MOLI Cafe
Alot of students, foreigner and "leng lui" ;p

After that, went to his house and cycle around the "Taman"
Long time didn't spend my time with the nature ;p
It is very relaxing when you are at the playground hearing the sounds from the wind + leaves!!
Especially at night.
It would be better if tonight can see stars

Should get nearer to nature instead of working eating and sleeping only ;p
Looking back to 2008 on what had I done and what for 2009:
  1. Graduated safely (Second Class)
  2. Relaxed long time enough before searching for job
  3. Develop my blog to let it become part of my memory/ diary
  4. Met alot of bloggers that manage to earn money by just blogging (I wanna be one of them!!)
  5. Found a job that is in my interest, but salary still cannot satisfy me ...
  6. Start to develop myself on how to adapt to the real world!
  7. Raising money for a PSP 2000/3000 (Patapon)
  8. Increase my knowledge in everything that help me to success in my courier.
  9. Stop my "belly enlarging phenomenon".
  10. Getting taller and fitter (does taller still possible? ;p)
  11. "Feed" my bank account
  12. Getting rich! Target is RM 1,000,000 first!!
  13. Be a self employed person ;p
  14. ....
  15. ......
  16. Wishes to be added~
Do you have any comment or idea?
Please feel free to share ^@^

Go countdown everyone!!
It doesn't need to spend alot of money~
Hang out with your parent or friends ;p

Have a nice nice day!!

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