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Little Tree @ 2046 Cafe

Looks like I am posting long overdue event ;p

This event happened on 26th of November
On a rainy day, 10 UTARIAN were suppose to meet at
Little Tree or previously known as 2046 Cafe
Due to certain issues, we are late and Hui San get mad again ;p
Because Hui San is the first one to reach the place and already finished her food~
Sorry for waiting la, we lost in Sri Petaling ;p

Since it is raining, YeeKai tried to open an umbrella but resulting ....

Therefore Marccus and Ange go to help him to "heal" the over-opened umbrella~
I wasn't helping as I want to take a photo, haha!

The environment in Little Tree is nice and have a big screen specially good for watching football match.

YengYeng was asking me how to use the LUMIX camera for tomorrow's seminar video recording. She is a fast learner.
The bad thing is LUMIX Camera can't change it's focus after start recording compared to Canon Camera.

Sweety Ange + Happy Marccus

Thanks Ange for this portrait ;p
Peppermint MilkShake + Chocolate Peanut Bread Toast

Chocolate Peanut Bread Toast prepared with LOVE

Hmm...Happy Four Brother?

And ... er...Happy Family la

The time passed as fast as a blink.
Not enough time to even chit-chat with all of them.
Just a while then we need to take group photo before leave...
(Probably just because we are late and wasted a lot of precious time already ...Paiseh)

At least there is a group photo taken as history la :)

After Ange pay the bill
When we are counting the money to pay
took out her secret weapon!

"Tit tit tit tit, yours is RM 12.60
. And mine is RM 10.80. And his is...."

She is efficient, don't she? ;p

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)