KLCC Pc Fair 2008

Visited last PC Fair @ Year End of 2008
Not so crowed as last time

First, we walk to the PC Guru Hall
Met this Guru promoting Intel new "Solid-state drive" a.k.a. SSD
He said the performance of the harddisk won't be disturbed eventhough got hammer hit the CPU.
Yeap! He showed us how it works.
The slim SSD was attached on a spring table
By using hammer knocking on the table, the SSD performance actually increased a bit and become normal again.
Does that means more vibration give higher performance ?!
You gonna try it youself~

Later on, moved to first Hall and saw this thumbprint identity device on the laptop.
You can log in to your laptop by just pressing your thumb on it!
Wonder if someone would steal this laptop along with the owner's fingertips chopped...
If you want to be safe, better dun buy ;p

This is the Red Alert 3 Series Laptop.
Purposely designed for gaming and it is bulky if comared to other laptop.
BUT it is alot smaller than Gaming PC!
You can consider to buy this if you need a PGL
(Portable Gaming Laptop)
Shining red all the way!

After observe and went through all five Halls
There are 50% of the girl models look pretty, hot and spicy...
Ops, not KFC ;p

I just manage to capture photo of four models.
3 out of 4 looks pretty above average~
Which one eligible to be the winner?
From left to right: Samsung's P1, P2 ,P3
And not forgetting P4~!
The Panasonic LUMIX Camera Model
Please vote haha!

Saw this huge computerized sewing machine and a Mr. showed us how it works.
Now BROTHER also can sew!
Means guys nowadays not only need to know how to cook, also need to learn how to sew?
Now with BROTHER, you are hassle free!

After visited first two hall.
Joined a small Intel Win a Notebook Contest.
All you need to do is write down your opinion how to go green to save the earth.
I just remembered I wrote:
"Recycle your old Intel, and swith to Intel Centrino 2/ Core 2 Quad.Why? Because you recycled your previous one!"

This 2 person are trying to fit in all the notes on the limited space billboard

For those who hit mushroom as a beginner in MapleStory online game.
Sure can remember that symbol~
Nicole sure want her laptop to have that symbol~

Even now Maple Story was advertised on a booth's price bill board.

This is the CPU specially designed for gaming purose....
It is HUGE!

On the way wondering at the last 2nd hall.
Met James Lim, the director of TwoMads.
We wondered what is TwoMads and here come James to explain to us.
TwoMads basically is a new kind of advertising panel.
They are selling 1 pixel on the screen for RM1
Minimum purchase is 10 x 10 pixels = (atleast RM100)
The adverts will last for three years if I am not wrong.
And those to advertised are eligible to win cash prize as
TwoMads are giving out RM 200,000~!

I noticed even Facebook User advertised on the website~!
If you are interested, please visit

Now I am advertising for them ;p
This is James Lim, one of the "monkey" ;p

When we are wandering at the last Hall.
We saw special phenomenom.
There were different bunch grp of ppl wearing diff colour shirts for different telco!
Maxis -Green
Tmnet Streamyx-Orange White
P1 W1max - Purple
and iZZi-Black
Why Hotlink-Red not there?

Spotted a pretty girl standing there feeling tired maybe because standing whole day long?
Oh ya, now she is the fifth contestant!! P5~

P1 w1max have a great design for their Christmas Hat. It looks like the antenna for their wimax service
Bouncing here and there when you "goyang" your head ;p

At last!! Exit the last hall and bringing back my new sound system
RM79 >> RM59
Now I dont need to wear the headphone everyday already! Good for my ear.

We went out to KLCC's garden and start the photo snapping session.
All dusts surrounding KLCC was washed down by the rain
and now the KLCC look so stunning ;p

I like green

Marccus the "lamppost" taking picture of "lamppost" for his wallpaper

I will give it a name
"Fountain of Nirvana"
Position changed, photoshoot continued
Position changed again~! With Tian Chad inside

And Marccus's turn

And this is...T will name it "Fountain of youth"
Actually drinking water was provided there, free! But the problem is are you dare to drink it?!

Now, a real lamppost
Forgot used how long to take its shoot

Last position changed~!

When on the way going to KLCCLRT Station. Saw Li Mei with her lovely boyfriend.
They are moving too fast...~

KLCC Year 2008 Christmas Tree. "Santa on the tree"

While LANCOME is giving out BIG Christmas present

Last but not least, Marccus able to meet Liewcf the fulltime blogger there!

The end~!


  1. Finally, pc fair post is up, keke.

    The P4 now is very clear for "observation" liao, wakaka

    Tian chad, what about the other two?
    the white one, and the 3kingdom one, hehe.

  2. Haha, I keep delay ;p

    White one(P6) on your blog ;p
    3kindom one(P7) on my previous post!

    Which 1 is the winner??

  3. Haha, this is very hard.. Hard question! >.<


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