KFC's Happy Tuesday Card

I wonder if you guys already know about this.
"KFC Happy Tuesday" will be extended to 31st Dec of 2009 and now we all can continue enjoy the 25% discount on Snack/Dinner/Rice Plate~

Today I had my Dinner plate and it is good to be able to save some money every Tuesday ;p

Few days ago when I am sleeping well at night
I was waken up by plastic bag's sound in the middle of the night.... 3 AM.
So...switched on the light and saw the "Siew Kiong" come visit my room again!
This time he want to attack my "Roti KopiS" bought from TESCO.
I bought four because "buy one free one", and its taste not losing to RotiBoy.Give one to "kakak" since she love it very much)
The cockroach try to get into the plastic bag through the opening and that's the sound
I tried to get something to hit it but once I turn around he run away...
At the end I can't find it and get back to sleep disappointly =.="

I told the "kakak" in my house and she said at the back of the house got a lot more especially when heavy rain, whole "Siew Kiong"s family will craw out from the ditch.
Some more the "kakak" also practising Buddhism besides being a Islamite ... she won't kill the cockroach even she saw them in the kitchen
offenly, she will open the door and just let them go
How lenient she is! I won't able to do that.

Sigh, is there anyway to make those "lovely" cockroach stop visiting my room?
I heard before either garlic/onion's smell can chase them away?
I don't want to use camphor ball because they neither smell good nor natural.

Looking for some advices!!


  1. didn't you learn something from classes like "be kind to insects"? =P

  2. [Hurley]
    I did. I managed to let it run away before I can hit it...
    Kind enough? Haha ;p


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