Cafe On The Tenth

On 18th of Dec, we, the UTAR FYP Gang is coming out to meet at
"Cafe On the Tenth"
As promised, Kah Shin is the one treating us again on year 2008
Why is he so generous?
Bcs...he accidentally made a promise in 2007 and it was recorded~!

Me,Ying Ying and LiErn were carpooling together to the Crown Princess Hotel
by following my NOKIA E90's GPS
All the way Li Ern and Yeng2 keep saying
"Ooo" "Wah!!" "Really good ar!"
Thanks to Garmin Mobile XT :)
Without it I think I will lost in KL Town and never reach there.

We were late again and rest of them already eating for 1 hour ++
Sorry for being late..haha

This is the map provided by the cafe.
If you want to come
Click the map ;p

When we arrived there
The first thing we do is to grab the food!! Hungry la...

Then, Mun2 can't wait to camwhore
Start snapping while we were eating

Me + Yeng2

Li Ern + Mun2

Mun2 with the Soap Taste Jelly (That's what she tasted)

Kah Shin Posing "V"

Li Ern +Yeng2 + Mun2

Mun2 + "Kawaii" Kah shin

Kah Shin + Li Ern

Kah Shin feel very comfortable with the NOKIA E90 and posed with it~

More pose~

Me + Mun2 + Yeng2 with the Tasty Curry Smash Potato

Three of us again~

Kah Shin who like to camwhore himself ALOT !!
"Cathy" Li Ern + Slim Face Pose's Yeng2 + "V" "V" Kah Shin

After I am feeling full.
I went to take some photo of their foods.
Eventhough overall it is not very nice.
But still boleh tahan la.
RM55++ discount become RM30++
Maybe the cook make their dish by follow the promotion price...~

There are too many dishes I just took them all together.
*Click for larger photo*

The Salad Corner
And the Dessert Corner
Got nice "Blue Berry Cake"

After resting for a while and chatting around.

Here comes the cake
Two slices of cake from Secret Recipe ;p
The left one is the newly release cake~!
Not bad :) Just forgot their name

Feeding ceremony !! Start with Yeng2
First my mouth was open big big
Second, mouth big eye small
Sorry for blur Li Ern

Third, Mun2 try to stab me but I just cant see...haha!

Fourth...the camwhore Kah Shin still want to take photo by himself when feed ;p

Now, Jame's turn. See how lovely they are! HahaThen, Yeng2s turn to feed. With "The Grass and the Flower" between them

After that, Mun2 using her stabbing skill again to feed James! ;p

See how SCARED James was?
Haha, it is actually because James first time taking own photo la.

And Li Ern's turn to feed James
Now this is called a lovely couple. (To be?)

After the feeding ceremony
We just can't continue eating the cake.
We were full and "terpaksa" eat slow slow...
I even nearly get a birthday kiss from Mun2

This is the early Birthday Present for me and James
renoma Euro Mini Contour Conforming Cotton
Since we both get the same present.
And James's one is colourful so I switched one with him.
Scare James won't wear those too colourful brief
Thanks alot ha!
Now New Year I dont need to buy new brief already ;p

Sigh...I need to train myself to get a body shape like him to wear this Mini Contour
Okay, anyone have body building tips please feel free to share with me !

Tada, a group photo ;p
The FYP Gang!

Now we start taking picture around the cafe.
Mun2 want to be an Angel for Christmas

And Yeng2 want to be an Angel with an "Angel's Lamp Cap" instead of "Angel Ring".
Look more like a nurse in dentist room with the light ;p

Before we leave "Cafe On the Tenth"
We asked the Manager to take a photo for us

Kah Shin like Christmas Tree

Mun2 too ;p

Before we left, there is another ceremony.

The "Hugging Ceremony"
Kah Shin enjoying hugging us.
See his facial expression

Mun2 listening to James's heartbeat
Yeng2 listen to mine
A normal photo

And this is Yeng2 who want to listen to James's heartbeat. Haha..failed! :(

And Mun2's turn
*PS: Photo taken by Kah Shin, the one who called himself a pro-photographer*
Haha! Blur already la.

Then Li Ern's turn

And last, Kah Shin the happy man

lovely Couple Number Two*

Kk, ceremony end, that is where we say goodbye.

I was fetching Mun2, Yeng2, and Li Ern back to where they park their car.
Then we saw the bright KLCC.
It just after rain, all the dust in air were washed down.

KLCC not always look bright and clear everyday.
So we stop by and took photo la ;p

Last but not least, a group photo ;p


I like this photo.
See how many spot light splashing on KLCC??
I wish I could be like that in the future ;p
K la, goodnight everyone.
Need a good sleep to drive away the flu!
Hoping tmr will be an event for Christmas Eve!!
25th Dec is holiday, so don't waste the night ;p


  1. wow, the spot light is so geng, haha.
    Next time stand there and snap photo, keke

  2. I where got use Stabbing skill to feed u all?? Dont yin wong me T_T

  3. wei..tian chad, wear your birthday present and show to us...please...haha

  4. [marccus]
    Haha, you can ;p

    the picture tell the truth

    Wait till I have the body shape like the renoma model first then I MIGHT show la
    Even it take years to have it ;p


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