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Congratz! You won!

Today after work, went to the Carefour near Bukit Jalil to meet my friends.
After I parked my car and walk along the road to Carefour.
A young salesmen come and tell me to do a "lucky draw".

First, he asked me to sign on the back of a sealed lucky draw paper.
To prove that it is mine.
Then, he told me if inside is green/yellow color, you get discount for some electronic devices.
But what I found out is silver colour.
So, I asked him what happen now.

Then, the drama started.
He start looks so "gan jiong" and told me that the silver color means you won some prizes and are eligible to go for a further lucky draw which might help you win a car!
He called his boss and tell me all I need to do is to go to their office for second "lucky draw" session and to receive the price I won
All I need to do is to take photo with the prizes and the people for posted on newspaper.
I asked him to show me the prove then he showed me old newspaper about the winners.

The funniest thing is his act, very hilarious ;p
His sound and action change after saw the silver colored "lucky draw"
I may be lucky, but this is way tooo lucky.
So I declined for the second lucky draw and go to find my friends instead of fall into their well-set trap.

So, for all people visiting Carefour near Bukit Jalil.
Be very careful!
I am not sure it is a scam but nothing free for us without contribute something right?

Now poor youngster were used to do these kind of lucky draw scamming everywhere.
All the salesman I saw just now are youngsters.
And both are from Melaka, come here to earn/scam for their extra money!
Youngster nowadays easy being utilized for scamming purpose har?

Just be careful everyone~

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)