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Where Is TianChad Going Today?

Did you know where I took this photo? Cos I am going there soon~! (again) If you are smart enough you will know the answer from this first photo already =D

Last time went there with my dear sister DearBear3

She is really good at making cute stuff such as handmade soft toy, hand bag, cup cake that looks so real and even the cute bear cap that she is wearing now~!! You can see some of their handmade stuff here @ Pipit Wonderful Market.

Here is a big hint where we went~!

It was drizzling that day but we just can't miss the chance to play Space Shot~! Spotted a lovely couple who pose for my camera =D *They were shivering because of the rain and thin clothes they are wearing*

K la, wish me have fun at there later ~! Will have a schedule post publish at night =D
*Doesn't the bear cap look very cute?!*

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)