Nerdy TianChad with WiMAX-Inside 4G Laptop

A guy can look like a nerd from the way he dress, so by comparing the two TianChad above? Which one looks more like a nerd and which dark frame glasses suit me most?

I am starting to play with this MSI WiMAX-Inside 4G Laptop/NetBook with Intel Atom inside. The OS looks a bit slow when compared with my dekstop, maybe because it is using Intel Atom that save more energy but provide slower processing time?

Let see how nerdy TianChad will review this test unit as he need to return on 6th of August. Aiks, too bad the review period a bit short for busy me =(

Till then, stay tune on my blog especially my two blog post about Wonder Girls @ MTV World Stage~!!


All thanks to K-Pop fans who is sharing this video and it is now striking 20,000 view~! Hope you guys enjoy it~!


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