Kem Modal Insan Agro-Tourism Homestay (Melaka): Part 5 - Goat Mamma Giving Birth!!

Last time I was sharing about how to process paddy rice with Kampung style during my Kem Modal Insan Agro-Tourism Home Stay. This time I am gonna share a special moment where you can see goat mamma giving birth in the goat farm. *mehh*

Nigel Tee and Jamie Liew was spotted doing the Titanic scene under the hot sun. I can say the sun is really hot because there are no trees around at the paddy field.

He was using a machine to sow the land. Last time cow was the machine.

Camwhore under the hot sun lol. No la I was trying to share how big is the paddy field!!

We went to visit the goad farm after learn how to process the paddy rice. Noticed the goat mama just give birth a white goat in front of my eye.

I start record video after the momma going to give birth her second child. Below is the video~! No worries, the goat mamma was steady to be filmed and "lay egg" without pain ~

In the end Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson were born.

Goat mamma said, "Thanks for filming down my giving birth moment." *meh eh eh*

K la I camwhored with one of the "meh meh" inside the farm. He was reluctant =S

Before go back we went to rest at a kampung shop nearby. Have you tried these bottled drink? Cos this is my first time see it in Kampung. They have ice-cream soda, Sarsaparilla (Sarsi) and Oren(Orange). I like the Sarsi taste =D

Reached foster parent house for our last lunch and thanks to mama who cook for us for these 2 days of the trip.

Noticed there is a cabinet that they use to keep all these egg basket. One for each wedding in the kampung. You can guess how frequent they have marriage in the kampung and "kenduri" for all neighbour to attend.

it's like today you are getting married, tomorrow your neighbor getting married, and the next day again he is going to marry somebody too!!

Before we leave we of course I take a group photo =D

Thanks for the warm welcome and treat along the trip and I will always remember playing with the Batman haha

Another pict with the foster parents~ smile~!

That's the end of my Kem Modal Insan Agro-Tourism Homestay Adventure and this is a picture of me with Zoe before we leave the place. Nigel is just wanna be cute there lol.

I did experienced a lot of new stuff and feel really relax when staying in the kampung and small town. You can just walk on the road because it is straight and quiet. The night was freezing naturally and mosquito is unavoidable unless you have the proper net. Learned some new budaya traditional dance and cultures, catch eels with barehands, how to do rubber taping, see monkey pick the coconuts, how to make salted egg and much much more fun~!

Thanks again to NewsZapped media for inviting me to this Melaka Homestay. I am looking forward for upcoming and more challenging homestay~! =D

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Ronnie said…
Fuyoh... so lucky can see the goat giving birth !!
The goat pai seh many people see her in labour !
jfook said…
I like the pic of you and your foster parents. Look like one family.XD
TianChad田七 said…
Yeah super lucky ar ;p
She wasn't shy at all~

Haha thanks for that comment! They are really good people~
Hilda Milda™ said…
OMG, the newly born goats looks so gross :p
TianChad田七 said…
[Hild Milda]
Haha! Hope it doesn't makes you scared of being a mother~
[Hild Milda]
Haha! Hope it doesn't makes you scared of being a mother~

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