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How to be good parents?

"Grandpa, are you in there?" - the kid was rubbing his nose with his grandpa

Here is a parenting video I would like to share as it does convey some important messages for the parents to be a better person and have better relationship with their children. If you are becoming/now a parent, do watch this video kay?

Effective parenting means taking the time to listen and to understand the hearts of our children so that we can grow together in faith, friendship, and love. Read Elder Robert D. Hales' talk on parenting: http://bit.ly/cjXHQf.

Parenting: Touching the Hearts of Our Youth

It seems like besides spending more time with your children, as a parent we need to listen to what they wanna say about their dreams, fears and anything to tighten the relationship between each other. I myself is not a parent yet but as a son I know this is gonna work if the parent can listen more on what the children want to say. You can learn how to be a parent before you do, just like what I am doing now =) Watch the video~!

One of the most memorable moments I had was learning how to swim with my dad and mom was there too. Can't remember how many gallons of water I have drank to learn froggy swim style. Yes I can swim fast with that style ;p

It was happy and this is what remind me of my memorable childhood. What was your deep and lasting impression/memories upon your mind and heart? Do share with me =)

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