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Celcom Broadband New Package Lowest Price @ RM38

This morning I was at Menara Celcom for the Exclusive Media Briefing about Launching of Celcom New Broadband Package. Arrived on time but forced to park around the living area because cars were parked everywhere. Thanks BlupBlup for this as I met new faces such as writer from The Sun, The Star, Kosmos, NanYang +++ in this event.

Jefri Ahmad Tambi, Director of Broadband (middle); Rohaya Yusof, Vice President of Broadband Technology (right) and Harcharan Singh, Head of Broadband and Product Commercial (left) launching the new Celcom Broadband Entry Package at only RM48

Celcom Axiata Berhad [formerly known as Celcom (Malaysia) Berhad] announce its new Broadband packages that start from as low as RM48 per month, as compared with RM68 per month previously.

During the promotional period, starting now till end of August, all new signups for Celcom Broadband packages will be offered a RM10 discount, bringing the price even lower to RM38, for the first three months. This revamp is also in line with the Government’s call for more affordable packages to encourage higher broadband penetration, especially in rural areas. The Entry Package also comes with FREE USB modem, offering volume of 1Gb at 384Kbps.

This event is a lot different as most of them are journalist who take notes of what Jefri said =)
As for me I took more photos instead.
*This remind me of "Bloggers versus Journalist" in #asianbsmc*

I am looking forward for their future plan. Amongst the planned activities to improve Celcom’s network quality includes upgrading of existing sites and enhancing its network coverage. Coverage wise, Celcom is the only mobile broadband service provider that covers almost all districts nationwide. On top of that, 900 additional new sites nationwide will be installed by end of the year. Celcom will also introduce Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (WCDMA) 900 in rural areas to provide extended 3G service. At the end of the year, Celcom aims to cover at least 76% of the population.

Jefri Ahmad Tambi, Director of Broadband (seated) showing off Celcom Broadband’s USB modem while Rohaya Yusof, Vice President of Broadband Technology (standing, right) and Harcharan Singh, Head of Broadband and Product Commercial (standing, left) looked on

Celcom has also planned to increase its capacity by four fold by end of the year via upgrading its existing sites to High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) or High Speed Uplink Packet Access (HSUPA), migrating its sites to Internet Protocol-enabled (IP-enabled) base stations and fiberising all key backhaul nodes. Celcom has also commissioned new IP transit in Kuching to cater for increasing broadband demand in Sabah and Sarawak.

Attention: Lowest price of Celcom Broadband at only RM38 for all new signups during promotional period (3rd Aug - 31th Aug 2010)

For more information, please log onto www.celcom.com.my/broadband


As a blogger I will blog about something extra of course. *This is one of the benefits when compare bloggers with journalists* =) Here are the foods provided for us and I quite like them especially the chicken wing and the bread. Thanks for that Celcom!

Before we left we get to grab a Cute Blue Bear back home all thanks to Celcom. Too bad no more Esbearanyol (Spain) or Netherlands Blue Bear.

I grabbed a Beargentina home with me because he look nice with the fare blue shirt.

So who is cuter? Bear Chad or Beargentina? Haha!

Thanks again to BlupBlup for this exclusive event!! *although only two little Bluppers attended this event* Nice to meet Cleffairy there too.

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Look at the brightside!! You are going to speak out! Thanks for dropping by :)