31 August 2010

Personas - How does the Internet See Tian Chad?

Did you ever Google yourself? Yes? No? Don't lie please =) Today I am gonna share how to use Personas to know how internet see you instead . You will find out what people talking about you on the internet.

What is Personas?
Personas is a component of the Metropath(ologies) exhibit, recently on display at the MIT Museum by the Sociable Media Group from the MIT Media Lab (Please contact us if you want to show it next!). It uses sophisticated natural language processing and the Internet to create a data portrait of one's aggregated online identity. In short, Personas shows you how the Internet sees you.

How does it Work?
Enter your name, and Personas scours the web for information and attempts to characterize the person - to fit them to a predetermined set of categories that an algorithmic process created from a massive corpus of data. The computational process is visualized with each stage of the analysis, finally resulting in the presentation of a seemingly authoritative personal profile.

All you need to do is click here to link to Personas, then type in your name in the blank space and press enter~!

Here are part of my analysis, the more you were mentioned on the internet, the longer it take. Let see what people talking about me.

I was holding a cigarette for James, this happen during Ruumz's Most Wanted Ruumate contest. But I don't smoke!

Ruumz's Most Wanted Ruumate contest

Besides that people do mention that I am supportive =D I think I know who he/she is that say that~! I always see people with a dream floating there but never try to achieve it whenever there is a chance, so I will just push them up and make sure they go for it.

Remember, time and opportunity doesn't wait for you, you grab it whenever it appear~!

"Tian Chad, is mama pian xin give her drink more milk." WTF? LOL

Even when I get sick with dengue fever it was detected by Personas too. Geng!
I remember this was blogged by Nicole[MsXeroz]

Was infected with dengue fever early in January 2010. I didn't need to be admitted to hospital because when I go see doctor I am already recovering! Above picture showing my whole body getting the red rashes because of dengue and it is super itchy you know? Gatal for few days =S

You can read my dengue fever story here. Somehow feel lucky no need to try the papaya leaves drink which I heard quite awful the taste ;p

Here is my analysis result: I have big portion of "sport" which I rarely do, maybe it is because I travel here and there? "Medical" and "accident" I think because of the dengue post. Ooo~~ I have a bit of "fame" online ;p

You can try out Personas to see how the internet see you =) But please don't take it too serious okay? Have fun before the #Merdeka53 end today~! Good to see #iheartmalaysia able to make a trend on Twitter this morning~!

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30 August 2010

Crocs Warehouse Sale - September 2010

Did you missed out the Crocs Warehouse Sales in April? Then don't miss out the chance this time and check out what's in store for the upcoming Crocs Warehouse Sale September 2010!

Crocs Warehouse Sale - September (up to 70% off)
Date: 2nd - 5th September 2010
Venue: Ikano Power Centre, 2nd Floor, Lot S3
Time: 10am - 10pm

I was involved in the sneak peek video shooting again and here is our first video. It was shoot by Nigel Sia The Visual Story Teller and I would like to say I like the final work =D

We went to the nearby stall that selling fake Crocs Shoes at only RM10 per pairs but you can immediately see the difference when compared it with genuine one. It is thinner and harder, less comfortable when you wear it too.

But what you pay is what you get right?

This time, I introduced the Crocs OffRoad selling at RM169 RM80 and Crocs Electro RM129 RM60. You must watch the video to know what else models are available during the warehouse sales.

Updates: I just got the news that Athens II- Unisex will be selling at RM60/pairs instead of RM129~!

*I really feels like being interviewed and I did have fun during the recording XD*

Here is the sneak peek video for Crocs Warehouse Sales:

Crocs Warehouse Sale - September 2010 by NigelSia

"Don’t buy fake Crocs because you can get the original ones at warehouse sale price"

For more info, please visit

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Clive Magazine 2nd Anniversary with Sexy Cover Girls | Zouk Club

Okay after a very long wait here comes part of the photos selected from my photo album. 30th of July 2010 is Clive Magazine 2nd Anniversary @ Zouk Club KL and I would say I went there earlier compare to last year Clive's Magazine 1st anniversary. I still remember Mynjayz get tons of condom because they have Care Condom company as one of the sponsors.

This year Clive 2nd Anniversary I saw some familiar faces cover girls of Clive Magazine Malaysia. Bimba Fonseka-Dewar, Stefanie Chua,Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen, Elvanna Raine, & Sarah Lian

Met John Lean at the event because he was working with RedFM =)
Do visit his blog for automotive blogging niche.

This is the night view of KLCC outside Zouk Club before the sky turn darker

Alex, Samuel and LCK were there to join the fun~!

The goodie bags awaiting us

Familiar faces event showgirl that let us play the Wii Game to get a chance win free Travel Trip. Too bad I don't have Wii to practice earlier, or else I would have won~!

There is some game for the readers to join the fun too, here's the emcee Kylie Chapman showing what we need to do with a small hoola hoop.

I am sure a guy with big belly won't able to do this hoola move ;p

There was a dance show by female dance crew - ________
*Video will be uploaded later*

I took a lot photos of the sexy models modeling Roxy and Quicksilver clothes + accessories. Here are just some of it. If you want to see more photo please visit my public album of Clive Magazine 2nd Anniversary @ Zouk Club KL

She looks prettier with her eye close, cos if look a bit shy better la haha

Like the color of the dress

Eye contact is important for a photo to standout =)

The real SunShine Boy instead of TianChad's version of Sunshine Boy

Found that Roxy and Quicksilver's shirts are kinda colourful but not too over. If you have money to invest in sport and casual wear, do visit their shop~

Robert Chan, the editor of Clive Magazine Malaysia is on stage to give a thanksgiving speech. I find that he wear similar design of cloths compared to last year's anniversary, but this time with an additional sunglasses.

Here comes the sexy and pretty Clive Magazine's Cover Girls~!
Bimba Fonseka-Dewar, Stefanie Chua,Patricia Sue-Lin Knudsen, Elvanna Raine, Sarah Lian

A full view of their dresses of the night, Bimba Fonseka is super tall
*PS: don't ever stand beside a tall girl that is wearing a high heels! XD *

Met Arsyan in the event and this is his iPad 3G, had fun trying it out~!

Looks like that guy feel happy while Kylie drawing the lucky winner wor. There were lots of lucky draw sessions but too bad I am not lucky enough that night.

Elvanna Raine playing the Wii to compete with 2 lucky finalist for the Grand Prize

This is the game, very easy after you get used to it

Thanks giving for one of the Clive Magazine cover girl who take part in the game
Cay Kuijpers is her name~!

So he is the lucky winner of getting the 3Days/2nights in Seaview Deluxe with Breakfast for 2 persons at Hard Rock Hotel Penang +++ that worth RM2,500.

Elvanna Raine caught my attention ever since she appear on Clive Magazine's cover last year. This time I get a chance to take photo with her because she is on Twitter~! Thanks Twitter to shorten the distance between a normal guy and a celebrity kay? =D

Picture with the emcee of the night Kylie Chapman and Elvanna Raine

After the event finish me and some friends went upstairs because wanna see what happen next in Zouk Club. There were ladies dancing on the small stage and more people visit the club and tons of girls because it was Ladies Night.

Met Hansen Lee again after DiGi Break Free event. That's the event that help me win a BlackBerry Bold 9700~!

That's all for my experience at Zouk Club for Clive Magazine Annversary. Do remember to surf! I still prefer an event without people smoking around or with good air ventilation, cos every time I come out from a night club I feel super smelly.

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29 August 2010

8TV A Time to Embrace - Pls Vote~!

Old Antique Iron

This is an Old Antique Iron from my house lord's sister, I would like to participate on behalf of her because she is old enough not to have a FB account ;p

Please LIKE this photo so I can help her win the prize kay~? Trying to get something rewarding for her as she has keep this for so long!! Thanks first everyone!!

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[Sneak Peek] Johnnie Walker's Black Circuit Lounge 2010

Thanks to friendS [Nuffies and Charles from JW] who invited me to join Black Circuit Lounge 2010 @ Swedish Marque,KL =)

Australia’s hottest DJ, Havana Brown was one of the DJ playing good music at the Black Circuit Lounge =)

This photo or the previous one looks better?~

Sarah Lian the emcee of the night for BCL 2010

Okie, there are lots of hot girl inside the lounge and here is just part of it~!

Will try my best to get all the photos taken yesterday[JW Pit Crew Experience] and today to be completely processed and share on Facebook! Give me some time if you are waiting for my photos kay? Cos I have lots more other event pictures waiting to be processed too =D

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28 August 2010

[Sneak Peek] Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience

Today is an exhausting but damn awesome fun day for me as I not only able to witness some of the Malaysia's personalities experience being as a Johnnie Walker pit crew, but I was somehow being invited to be one of the pit crew too!! Yeah you get it right!

Once in a lifetime opportunity to step inside the Black Circuit and experience the real taste of the high pressure world of motor racing. The Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience took place at the Sepang International Circuit, home of the Malaysian Formula 1 Grand Prix.

First time can self-camwhore at the Sepang International Circuit without worrying being run over by racing car. This is an extra experience+ opportunity for me ;p

Met two of the pretty ladies+bloggers during Johnnie Walker Pit Crew Experience day - Dawn Yang and Fay Hokulani

Each and every participants who experience themselves as a Johnnie Walker Pit Crew today get good experience and little nice goodies =D

We the afternoon Team 2 was just 2 points away from afternoon Team 1~! Anyway, congratz to everyone who manage to do a good great job just now~!

Here is just one part of the Pit Crew task that we need to pass through. I was playing with the gun, damn syiok ar~!

Hendry Golding, Megan Tan, and lots more personalities's Pit Crew Experience

Thanks Johnnie Walker Malaysia for doing this special event that provide us unforgettable and unique experience!! Keep walking!! Later(Saturday) will have more teams competing and it is an open event for everyone to go. But only selected person will be on the track of being the pit crew of the day. You can go there tomorrow early morning to join the fun and play the Go-Kart that is available for everyone~!

So remember to go Sepang International Circuit later (Saturday 7am 28th Aug 2010) to join the crowd. Who knows they need extra Pit Crew members tomorrow and you are the lucky one? =D

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PS: This is just a short post, will share more pictures and stories behind the photo soon~!

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